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R9K is a pseudo-incelospherian, hikikomori, and astroturfing board on 4chan where, theoretically, users can only post original content due to a software bot that rejects unoriginal content. It turns out when you ask a bunch of lonely weeaboos to create original content it comes out in the form of complaining about not having a girlfriend. This complaining grew so frequent that the board morphed into a board where online dating experiments were done to try to figure out why so many men were sharing similar experiences of not being able to get a single date online for years. Users of r9k are called robots.

Despite some genuine incel discussion, r9k has also served as a place for people to pretend to be incel to trolls incels, and the board contains a lot of anti-incel bad actors, astroturfers, trolls, and volcel misogynists. As it was never a self-identfied incel board there was never any mechanism in place to keep the aforementioned types out.

Hostility toward incels[edit | edit source]

The board doesn't prefer using the term 'incel' instead preferring the hikikomori term 'robot'. The board is schizophrenic with regards to it's attitude towards incels. R9k has entirely defined what the media calls, 'incel culture', however the board is extremely populated with various noncel trolls, astroturfers, noncel misogynists, and /pol/acks that quite a lot of anti-incel posting occurs there, but with more of a dismissive air than a feminist spirit. Nonetheless, perhaps due to the media and Wikipedia admins like GorillaWarfare constantly insisting that 4chan culture is all that the incel label is, there has been a moderate influx of genuine self-identified incel posters. r9k is most accurately viewed as 4chan subculture's enormous influence on incel forums, rather than an incel forum in itself.

Unique Browsing Experience[edit | edit source]

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R9k used to be ground-zero for incel discussions because all the internet's ragefuel downpoured into this undefined board where aimless venting is allowed - however as time passed many hostile entities have taken over the the board and its culture, turning it into a more offensive /b/-esque experience. R9K is truly a unique browsing experience, mostly because every bit of content on the site is meant to irritate,enrage and upset unwary users. the overall 'mentality' of the board is taken directly from /b/'s rage culture where shitposting and swearing is part & parcel of the general browsing experience. Anyone who tries to re-direct the board culture in a different direction is met with heavy resistance.

Online dating experiments[edit | edit source]

The revelation through r9k's Tinder dating experiments was that a very, very small % of men were getting literally all the attention and dates accross all dating sites. Users hypothesized this type of man would look like your stereotypical college jock, and they were right. The word 'Chad' came from an online catfish dating experiment with an image of a stereotypical sports jock. Using this image, r9k users found themselves able to be racist, childish, and rude with women and it in no way hampered the conversation. These online dating experiment threads were quite popular.

These experiments have since been replicated by non-trolling third parties, and the experiments are also quite easy to perform oneself.

Well known incelospherian users[edit | edit source]

Online dating experiments were popular on r9k around the same time eggman's pics were being spammed on r9k by an acquaintance jokingly as an example of a butt ugly guy. This forced eggman into a meme, and eggy himself began posting on the boards. Vashta Nerada/Tahlia is another well known user of the site.

E-girls[edit | edit source]

R9k users were known for obsessing over e-girls aka women on the board, who were often under 18 years old.

Spread[edit | edit source]

r9k users eventually migrated to the incel subreddits that Caamib helped shape and mold, like /r/truecels and /r/incels. When those subreddits were banned, the users then migrated to incels.co making incels.co a third, but increasingly sincere iteration of r9k. r9k users often talked about love-shy.com but did not fully invade love-shy.com.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

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Almost all r9k users are male. There was a time when black women started posting in r9k talking about how they were not valued in the dating scene and wanted to be recognized as not wanted as well. They were poorly received by the rest of r9k.

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