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The term simp is used to describe a male who is too kind-hearted toward women. It is either short for "sucka idolizing mediocre pussy", or a shortening ot the word "simpleton". The term came into prominence in the post-3rd wave feminist period as increasingly, men took on the mantle of being feminist in the hope of possible getting into the good books of women, ostensibly in order to get laid. Due to the overlap with self-debasing, simping eventually increasingly became a derogatory term.

Many in the manosphere believe simping spoils the women by increasing their courtship expectations, reaffirming their solipsism and thereby inflating the price of sex on the sexual market (for men that is, of course) and rendering women socially unsustainable.

Betabuxx and simp overlap in investment, cuck and simp overlap in pleasing the female.

Theory[edit | edit source]

Theoretically, simping should not be derogatory, as being nice to women should be accepted, since at face value being altruistic and empathetic are seen as positive virtues. Altruism and having empathy fall in line with the central creed of all the major religions, which is one that encourages following the Golden Rule; do unto others as you would wish upon yourself. However, women have brought it upon themselves that being nice to them is now seen as lowly. Take the term nice guy for instance; a bluepilled outlook would suggest that a nice guy procures all the benefits of being an upstanding member of society. However, a more realistic take shows us that female instinct ensures these males fail at procreation, due to their inherent scelerophilia and hybristophilia, which manifests itself in women at different levels of intensity.

OnlyFans and the Madonna-Whore Complex[edit | edit source]

Recently, OnlyFans (website that mainly sales simping) has been on the rise, and most Bluepilled[1][2][3] channels are blaming on "Unearned Intimacy". Milkmired women within the FDS community[4] are also aware of the effect of this as the Madonna-Whore Complex[5], where women are either Tradcon (housewife caricature AKA Tradwife) or they are Whore (sexual pleasure). Studies[6] blame "Patriarchy" as the main cause, and benevolent sexism (Chivalry) is a stronger correlation with this complex in women than hostile sexism (Chad Alpha-plex), and vice-versa in men. Women are more likely to be dissatisfied with their relationships if they have this complex, not so for men.

A major counter to this concept is the idea that women without this type of complex are more likely to be weaker in Social Dominance Orientation, i.e. they are more likely to be disloyal to their superiors and their in-group in favor of out-groups. They become neither caretakers (K-selective behavior) nor sexual providers (r-selective behavior), and thus are more likely to be a Feminist with an Empowerment complex. (See: Sexual revolution) Treating women as individuals is not necessarily a virtue, as Female hypoagency and Affirmative action in the workplace can be used to gaslight a man into social shunning and submission.

Backlash[edit | edit source]

Women, especially those with feminist sympathies increasingly resorted to a backlash in light of the increasing usage of the term simping. These women believe that exhibiting a respectful, kind, and loving posture towards the fair sex should not induce ridicule. However, this backlash is never going to hold any weight, as "the nice guys finish last" or "good-hearted guys finish last" trope is a real-life phenomenon entirely begotten, fostered and effectuated through the attitudes of the female sex.

Also other Feminists, when faced with unwanted to simping, resorts to claims of "Female Objectification" as a form of mal-adjusted Chivalry. This also imply a form of "Male Subjectification", or the desecration and warping of male self-image, which the Feminists has been desired to tear down. If a women were to wish to be treated as an equal, she must also behave as if men were their equal, which includes the removal of Female hypoagency (which defaults men to be superior) and male Feminization (which defaults to men being inferior, and justifies simping).

Simps are happier[edit | edit source]

Research indicates that men who believe in simping have a higher subjective wellbeing.[7] This suggests the pathologization of simping in the manosphere is primarily a response to the perverse exaggeration of the women-are-wonderful effect in modern times, combined with the rise male sexual frustration spoiling the females, rather than simping (or investing into the female) being unnatural or harmful in itself. Since women have been dependent on men's resources throughout human history,[8] it should be expected that men also have evolved to derive pleasure from investing into the female as ensuring the survival of the mother and enabling her parental investment is heavily conductive to men's reproductive success, especially among k-strategists.

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