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Alex is like if you combined Weird Al, Stalin, Willhelm Reich, and Abbie Hoffman

Alex Undersky is a non-violent, self-identified incel, free love advocate, human rights lawyer, anti-feminist, environmentalist, and former criminal investigator. He was recently on trial in Russia after a corrupt local arm of the Russian Centre for Combating Extremism decided that Alex uttering the words “they [women] don’t give me [sexual relationships]. Women want the rich and successful, but I'm not like that”, constitutes a hate crime.[1] This occurred after several complaints by feminist groups and a history of the CCP surveilling, abusing, and physically torturing Alex. He faced 15 days in detainment (not jail) for a first time offence.[2][3][4]

He is a leader of the Anti-Feminist Left Front and the Movement Against Forced Abstinence,[5], and He goes by the name "Undersky" on both Youtube and He has had a string of short term relationships and has had a short marriage, but has repeatedly expressed an inability to find a consistent relationship, spurring his recent incel activism.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Education[edit | edit source]

He studied at the Nizhny Novgorod State Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (now called the Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering). He was one of the top 100 students (21 in the ranking for the 2nd year). In January 1998, he was expelled for insulting a teacher. According to Alex, he left the University due to a break with his short-term girlfriend and disappointment at the university.

In 2003, he graduated from the Faculty of Law of the NNSU. In 2007, he finished postgraduate studies at the Law Faculty of the NNSU, and passed full with marks.

Alex received many educational awards during his university stay and also had about two dozen articles published in academia.[6]

Marriage[edit | edit source]

He was married for six years but it he stated in a video that his wife kicked him out of the house. Clearly, the wife could not handle such an intelligent man and accomplished student of law.

Job[edit | edit source]

He used to be a criminal investigator but was fired in 2005 for being opposed to torture and the fabrication of crimes.[7] His activism led to the firing and punishment of multiple Russian prosecutors, as well as the resignation of his local prosecutor.[8]

Afterward he worked as a teacher for the Distance Learning Center of the UNN until January 2009


Assassination attempt, surveillance, and torture[edit | edit source]

In 2011, Alex defended himself and his short-term wife, Evgenia, against two drunk hooligans. It is rumored the drunk hooligans were part of a plot to harm Alex or his former wife.[9] The attempted attack occurred after a successful campaign of his to block a multi-million dollar construction.

After avoiding assassination, Alex was approached the next morning by the officers of the Center for Combating Extremism of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Nizhny Novgorod Region (CPE), who intended to detain Alex. He was arrested without good reason and put on trial. While there isn't any solid proof the government tried to assassinate him, they probably did given they detained him immediately afterward for no stated reason and they were unhappy with him for his civic activism prior to the event.

He went home for a bit and had another run in with the police during a home search. He ended up detained again and was tortured by the Center for Combating Extremism, as in he was severely physically beaten repeatedly by the local gvmt center, when Alex was not posing any physical threat to them. Alex went on hunger strikes twice in protest of the fabrication of crimes and deprivation of medical care.

citizens campaign in support of Alex

After he was released from detainment, the CPE campaigned against him receiving medical care from his local hospital.[10] This despite the local ambulance recording a heart attack and neurocirculatory dystonia. Alexey was told that if he sought medical treatment again he would be sent to the psychiatric hospital, to the outrage of everyone who heard.[11]

The local prosecutor and the court wanted Alex to serve 8 years in prison. Countless letters were sent to Russian officials, including the Russian president, by fans of Alex's activism, begging mercy on Alex. In the end their activism paid off. However, some still tried to slander him, by highlighting alleged remarks of Alex defending ephebophilia.[12]

Book[edit | edit source]

He wrote an autobiographical book about his experience with the lawlessness of Russian prosecution called, "In Circle Two”.

Beliefs[edit | edit source]

He seems to be an Orthodox Christian. He denies anti-Semitism despite often employing some anti-Semitic sounding language and arguments, claiming he is 'almost a Jew' himself.

Politics[edit | edit source]

Activism[edit | edit source]

His current hobbies include protesting about local political issues, advocating Stalinism, engaging in polemics against 'feminofascism' and 'vaginocapitalism'. He supports Bernie Sanders for US president because he thinks that Sanders if elected would convince Russia to adopt more environmental regulation, adopt a Nordic style welfare system he says was never adopted in Russia, and also decrease wealth inequality. He thinks that Trump or other Democrats would start a war with Russia.[13] He may be a Nazbol, or something adjacent to this ideology (the Soviets employed psychiatry brutally), as he has accused Jews of running a "psychiatric mafia" that persecutes incels. Feminists tried to drive him out of communist gatherings due to his comments on women.

Before becoming interested in incel politics, he was involved IRL activism against animal experiments, against cruel treatment of stray animals, Cuban political activism, local prosecutorial abuse reform, housing protection, and environmental reform for many, many years.[14][15] He continues his environmental activism, advocating for increased parks among other things. He claims the ultimate objective of the Left must be to "[...] provide sex for all men and to abolish work." He also called on the UN to declare "free and affordable sex" a universal human right.

Psychiatry[edit | edit source]

He thinks labels such as schizophrenia, autism etc are often abstract labels society reifies and puts on those who don't conform to its expectations, instead of existing as objective illnesses. He has, perhaps more controversially, accused psychiatry of being a "masonic" plot run by "Jewish elites", pointing to the supposed over-representation of Jews in this profession in his local town as evidence of this assertion.

Gender[edit | edit source]

Blackpill[edit | edit source]

He has an outlook on life and the sexual marketplace that is similar to some aspects of the blackpill, such as fatalism and genetic determinism. He is a social conservative on LGBTQ issues. His stance on partner count is all over the place, as the party at times favors monogamy and ridicules cucks, but also strives for free love (unhindered access to multiple women). He has also criticized "puritanism" and "conservatism". He opposes sexual sublimination, being a follower of the psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, who famously asserted sexual repression was the root of most social ills, and was also the main driver of extremist right-wing ideologies like Fascism. Alex indeed believes that inceldom is being created by the ruling class to create violence and a feminist fascist state.[16] He has, however, endorsed imposing Islamic style modesty laws, in order to prevent scantily clad women sexually teasing men, or conversely, obliging these women to "immediately provide sex with all men who wish it."

Redpill[edit | edit source]

Borrowing from the redpill, he seems to put less of an exclusive focus on looks as the primary motivator of female attraction than blackpillers, with Alex often accusing Russian women of preferring "thugs and gopniks" (punks) on on his VK page. He wrote that women "naturally choose the least moral men, and the most intelligent, talented, modest, good guys remain rejected and either are content with random short relationships or have no access to sex at all."

"Incomplete Sexual Revolution"[edit | edit source]

Unlike any pills, Alex views the sexual revolution of the 1960s favorably, but believes it only lasted 10 years and was strangled by the capitalists and traditionalists, who instituted an "age of egoism". He believes the sexual revolution is not complete because women gained 100% access to sex, but men have lost that freedom which he claims existed in hippie cultures.[17] He thinks that sexual freedom is good, presumably because he thinks true sexual freedom does not take the form of a 'market' or involves much if any exchange. He believes the traditionalists, particularly through the state, killed 'free love' for men through the following methods:[18]

  • pre-marital abstinence education (eg Pastor Richard Ross, True Love Waits)
  • promoting pederasty and lesbianism
  • destruction of trade unions, lowering of wages,
  • discouraging government welfare and transitioning from a "social state" to "no one owes anything to anyone - everyone for himself."
  • The CIA incorporating feminism and turning it into "Nazi-feminism"
  • Repression of heterosexuality
  • Promotion of masturbation

Quotes[edit | edit source]

He is a critic of psychiatry:

(psychiatrists) label everyone the girls reject as autists, schizophrenics, and losers in order to justify their temporary access to [sex?]. The truth is that girls are animals that have not evolved in the field of sexual selection to the level of humans (men)

—from a Youtube comment of his[19]

Liberals and feminists have left the right to freedom of speech only for themselves, and for all who has a different opinion punitive psychiatry. All women send men "to a psychiatrist" if a man begins to tell the truth about the relationship between men and women about sex. After prison, the biggest threat to men in Russia is punitive psychiatry.


And considers feminism to be social darwinism, which he dislikes.

What is the difference between the philosophy of feminism and the philosophy of left Christian incels?
Feminism is based on SOCIAL-DARWINISM, the Nazi ideology of the superiority of some people over others. Social Darwinism has incorporated Nietzschianism and other misanthropic ideologies. Females, and indeed many women in general, consider themselves higher, more perfect than men, and men - lower than themselves, lower beings.


He has constructed a marxist materialist type critique of the sexual marketplace, stating:

"The vagina is the private property of women [...] its owner (is) a capitalist, in this case - vaginocapitalist. Access to the vagina is the key to exploitation in the modern world".


"The great Stalin was mistaken in the fact that the October Revolution completely eliminated the exploiters and exploitation. He (Stalin), who had sex with two girls of 15 years, and thanks to this received colossal cosmic energy, carried out the greatest accomplishments in the history of mankind, could not even imagine that once, somewhere, women WILL REFUSE SEX to men, and under socialism, which he began to build in our country"


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