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Alex is like if you combined Weird Al, Stalin, Willhelm Reich, and Abbie Hoffman

Alex Podnebesny or Alex Undersky is a self-identified incel, free love advocate, human rights lawyer, anti-feminist, environmentalist, anti-psychiatry activist, left-wing political activist and former criminal investigator.

He was the leader of the "Anti-Feminist Left Front" and the "Movement Against Involuntary Celibacy",[1], an incel page on VK [2] (both pages now suspended for violating VK's TOS) and formerly

He goes by the name "Undersky" on both Youtube and He has had a string of short term relationships and has had a brief marriage. His seeming inability (like most men) to receive sex on demand has spurred his 'incel activism', which seems to revolve around the promotion of various schemes to turn women into collectivized sexual commodities for horny men. As of 2022, he has a permanent girlfriend/wife.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Education[edit | edit source]

He studied at the Nizhny Novgorod State Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (now called the Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering). He was one of the top 100 students (21 in the ranking for the 2nd year). In January 1998, he was expelled for insulting a teacher. According to Alex, he left the university in his third year when he suffered a particularly rough break up with his then girlfriend, resulting in severe depression.[3]

In 2003, he graduated from the Faculty of Law of the NNSU. In 2007, he finished postgraduate studies at the Law Faculty of the NNSU and passed with 'excellent' marks, majoring in Criminal Law.[4]

He also has several articles published in Russian legal journals, where his work has been cited a decent amount of times, excluding self-referencing.[5]

Marriage[edit | edit source]

After a 10 year period where he claimed to be completely sexless and disengaged from society, Alex met a woman and was married to her for 6 years. Undersky stated in a video that his wife kicked him out of the house. Clearly, the wife could not handle such an intelligent man and an accomplished student of law.

Job[edit | edit source]

He used to be a criminal investigator but was fired in 2005 for being opposed to torture, and the fabrication of crimes.[6] His activism led to the firing and punishment of multiple Russian prosecutors, as well as the resignation of his local prosecutor.[7]

Afterwards, he worked as a teacher for the Distance Learning Center of the UNN until January 2009


Legal issues[edit | edit source]

Alex has run into a lot of legal trouble for publicly expressing his views on women; he has previously been put on trial in Russia after a corrupt local arm of the Russian Centre for Combating Extremism decided that Alex uttering the phrases "they [women] don't give me [sexual relationships]. Women want the rich and successful, but I'm not like that", and similar viewpoints constitute a violation of Russia's controversial laws prohibiting extremist speech. This collaboration between two unlikely bedfellows (Russia's 'right wing' government and feminists), would probably be seen by Alex as proof of his concept of 'feminofascism'.[8][9]

This trial occurred after several complaints by feminist groups and a history of the CCP surveilling, abusing, and physically torturing Alex, likely owing to his criticism of the Russian government. He faced 15 days in detainment (not jail) for a first time offence.[10][11][12]

Alleged assassination attempt, surveillance, and torture[edit | edit source]

In 2011, Alex defended himself and his short-term wife, Evgenia, against two drunk hooligans. It is rumoured the drunken hooligans were part of a plot to harm Alex or his former wife.[13] The attempted attack occurred after a successful campaign of his to block a multi-million dollar construction.

After avoiding assassination, Alex was approached the next morning by the Center for Combating Extremism of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Nizhny Novgorod Region (CPE) intended to detain Alex. He was arrested without good reason and put on trial. While there isn't any concrete proof the government tried to assassinate him, they would have the motive to do so. Their behavior afterwards is suspicious, given that they detained him immediately afterwards for no stated reason and their prior attempts at suppressing his activism.

He went home for a bit and had another run-in with the police during a home search. He ended up detained again and was tortured by the Center for Combating Extremism. He was severely physically beaten by the local government center when Alex was not posing any physical threat. Alex went on hunger strikes twice in protest of the fabrication of crimes and deprivation of medical care.

Citizens campaign in support of Alex

After he was released from detainment, the CPE campaigned against him receiving medical care from his local hospital.[14] This despite the local ambulance recording a heart attack and neurocirculatory dystonia. Alex was told that if he continued to seek medical treatment, he would be sent to the psychiatric hospital, to the outrage of everyone who heard this.[15]

The local prosecutor and the court wanted Alex to serve eight years in prison. Countless letters were sent to Russian officials, including the Russian president, by fans of Alex's activism, begging for clemency in Alex's case. In the end, their activism paid off.

Book[edit | edit source]

He wrote an autobiographical book about his experience with the lawlessness of Russian prosecution called In Circle Two.

Activism[edit | edit source]

He is well known as an activist in his hometown of Nizhny Novgorod.

He had previously supported Bernie Sanders for US president because he believed that Sanders would convince Russia to adopt environmental regulation and adopt a Nordic-style welfare system as Mikhail Gorbechev attempted to implement in Russia and decrease wealth inequality. He thinks that Trump or other Democrats would start a war with Russia.[16] He seems to be a religious/slightly socially conservative (on some issues, not monogamy) communist, which is not an uncommon political stance in post-Soviet Russia. Feminists have also tried to drive him out of left-wing gatherings due to his comments on women.

Before becoming interested in incel politics, he has involved in IRL activism involving opposition to animal experiments, protesting against the cruel treatment of stray animals, supporting the Marxist-Leninist government of Cuba, local prosecutorial abuse reform, housing protection, and environmental reform for years.[17][18] He continues his environmental activism, advocating for increased public parks among other things.

He claims the ultimate objective of the Left must be to "[...] provide sex for all men and to abolish work," (in Alex's view the main driver of the economy beyond a subsistence level is men's desire for sex) a viewpoint that is somewhat similar to the 19th century French utopian socialist Charles Fourier's beliefs, though even Fourier could not envision the abolition of work. He also called on the UN to declare "free and affordable sex" a universal human right.

Beliefs[edit | edit source]

In terms of personal beliefs, he has previously claimed to be a 'Christian Communist', as stated above. He was previously in communion with the Russian Orthodox Church but broke with it due to their alleged suppression of his education supposedly spurred by his left-wing policital beliefs. He denies allegations of anti-Semitism despite often employing some anti-Semitic sounding language and arguments, claiming he is 'almost a Jew' himself.

Gender dynamics and feminism[edit | edit source]

He has an outlook on life and the sexual marketplace that is similar to some aspects of the blackpill, such as fatalism and genetic determinism, though less pronounced. He also believes that modern dating is essentially a purely material exchange of value, bereft of any transcendant or romantic aspects, as the majority of women view men as mere utilities, though he is unclear other whether he believes this callous nature is inherently part of women's nature of inculculated into them by their elevated position in contemporary society.

He is a social conservative on LGBTQ issues, denying the validity of modern gender ideology and viewing homosexuality as a mental illness.

His stance on partner count is all over the place, as the party at times favors monogamy and ridicules cucks, but also strives for free love (unhindered access to multiple women). He has also criticized "puritanism" and "conservatism". He opposes sexual sublimination, being a follower of the psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, who famously asserted sexual repression was the root of most social ills and was also the main driver of extremist right-wing ideologies like Fascism. Alex indeed believes that the ruling class is creating inceldom, oppressing men and promoting women's empowerment to create violence and a feminist fascist state, a concept he refers to as 'feminofacism' (though he seems to sometimes imply that feminism of all kinds is essentially fascist).[19]

Despite his sexual liberalism, he has, however, endorsed imposing Islamic style modesty laws (likely rhetorically) to prevent scantily clad women sexually teasing men, or conversely, obliging these women to "immediately provide sex with all men who wish it."

Though he acknowledges that male looks play a large role in determining women's mate choice, in line with the blackpill, Alex also seems to place a strong emphasis on female hybristophilia, with Alex frequently accusing Russian women of preferring "thugs and Gopniks" (a Russian punk subculture) on his VK page.

He wrote that women "naturally choose the least moral men, and the most intelligent, talented, modest, good guys remain rejected, and either are content with random short relationships or have no access to sex at all".

'Vaginocapitalism'[edit | edit source]

Undersky has constructed a novel Marxian historical materialist type analysis of modern Capitalism. He claims that 'access to the vagina' is now the main driver of the accumulation of capital and exploitation in modern industrialized societies owing to men's strong desire for sex and women's natural tendency to financialise sex.[20]

Whereas Marx saw the remorseless expansion of capital into all spheres and the appropriation of the surplus-value of the worker's labor by the employer as the root of the exploitation and alienation of the masses he saw was inherent in the Capitalist system, with the bourgeois and capital holding classes constituting the main exploiter classes, Undersky refines this critique and claims women are now the primary exploiter class in modern society. Essentially, the divide between men and women is the primary class divide in modern society according to this theory, with even the wealthiest men still essentially being slaves to women's sexuality.

As women have an intrinsic asset (their sexuality, access to their vagina) that can be easily financialized, and that is also in perpetually high demand among men due to men's intense progenitive instincts, Undersky essentially claims that women in the main now constitute an exploiter class that exchanges temporary (and never full, as the women reserves right of separation with the man at any time) access to their sexual assets in exchange for the fruit of men's labour.

The intrinsic female sexual assets of the women also provide them, in Undersky's view, much greater social mobility than men, a phenomenon he calls 'vaginal lift'. He cites cases of women marrying or engaging in sexual intercourse with ultra-wealthy men, such as Vladimir Putin's alleged mistress Svetlana Krivonogikh,[21] and making vast fortunes from this kind of sexual exchange as an example of this.

While in Undersky's view, women constitute a privileged and heavily coddled caste in modern society, men are portrayed as an exploited class who have to engage in heavy study, tireless back-breaking labour, and be willing to share the fruits of their economic and social success in order to be granted the promise of sex by women. Undersky emphasizes that this is only a facile and easily revoked promise in many cases.

As sex is important in determining men's health, overall well-being and (Undersky argues) their overall level of productivity in society, it follows (in Undersky's view) that sex should be considered a human right with access to it guaranteed by society.[22]

To break the hold of the 'vaginocapitalists', and grant sexual access to the disadvantaged male 'sexual proletariat', Undersky points to alleged periods of widespread sexual license such as the period immediately after the October revolution in Russia and the 60s 'Summer of Love' in Western countries as examples of what he calls 'vaginocommunism'.

In other words, similar to the 19th century utopian socialist Charles Fourier, he argues that inceldom can only be truly cured by replacing monogamy with a highly promiscuous mating system; in technical terms, this is called polyandrogyny, though Undersky does imply in some of his talks that he considers certain types of 'enforced monogamy' (such as the kind that existed in the Soviet Union to a degree post-Stalin) favourable to the current unstable system of serial monogamy with no-fault divorce, in which the woman typically financially benefits from initiating a divorce and is thus is both permitted and incentivized to initiate divorce.

Undersky is vague on how the 'vaginocapitalists' can be convinced to halt their 'exploitation' of the bulk of males and begin distributing sex more equitably and liberally. He admits it is an open question as to how this can occur on a level that will positively impact most men's sex lives without 'enslaving and socializing women' or otherwise taking strong measures to reduce their agency over men on a macro level.

The core aspect of Undersky's analysis of the sexual marketplace as being comprised of an exchange system with women as sellers and men as buyers was anticipated by an earlier Marxist book entitled Women As Sex Vendors. However, Undersky further advances this line of argumentation by portraying women as asset-holding capitalists rather than essentially passive victims of the capitalist system of exchange and production, like the aforementioned book's female author— which is in line with the typical orthodox Marxist treatment of social phenomena that involves the exchange of sex for resources.

"The vagina is the private property of women [...] its owner (is) a capitalist, in this case - vaginocapitalist. Access to the vagina is the key to exploitation in the modern world".


'Incomplete Sexual revolution'[edit | edit source]

Unlike most individuals in the Western Manosphere Alex views the sexual revolution of the 1960s favourably, but believes it only lasted ten years and was then strangled by the capitalists and traditionalists, who then instituted an "age of egoism". He believes the sexual revolution is not complete because women gained 100% access to sex, but men have lost that freedom which he claims existed in the heady heights of the sexual revolution.[23]

Alex thinks that sexual freedom is good, presumably because he thinks true sexual freedom would somehow eliminate the sexual 'market' or because he thinks that a completely promiscuous mating system (polygynandry) will still result in unselected males having more sex than under the current system, basically that a 'rising tide lifts all boats' in terms of male sexual access. He believes that traditionalists, capitalists, and 'vaginocapitalists' (women), mainly acting via the state, killed 'free love' for men through the following methods:[24]

  • pre-marital abstinence education
  • the destruction of trade unions
  • discouraging government welfare and transitioning from a "social state" to "no one owes anything to anyone - everyone for himself."
  • The CIA infiltrating and subverting feminism, turning it into what he calls "Nazi-feminism."
  • The promotion of alternatives to heterosexual sex, such as homosexuality, masturbation, and any other kind of sexual activity that does not involve vaginal intercourse between a heterosexual couple composed of two members of their natal sex, as he considers these 'not real sex' and an 'imitation of sex'.[25]

Psychiatry[edit | edit source]

He thinks labels such as schizophrenia, autism etc., are often abstract labels society reifies and puts on those who don't conform to its expectations instead of existing as objective illnesses. In other words, he, like many leftists, views psychiatric diagnoses as being a result of capitalist alienation/social control.

He has also, perhaps more controversially, previously accused psychiatry of being a "masonic" plot run by "Jewish elites", pointing to the supposed over-representation of Jews in this profession in his local town as evidence of this assertion.

Further, on the subject of psychiatry, he has said:

(psychiatrists) label everyone the girls reject as autists, schizophrenics, and losers in order to justify their temporary access to [sex?]. The truth is that girls are animals that have not evolved in the field of sexual selection to the level of humans (men)

—from a Youtube comment of his[26]

He is an active opponent of 'punitive psychiatry'.[27]

Russia-Ukraine war[edit | edit source]

In early 2022, Undersky was a vocal opponent of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine and claimed on his social media accounts to have been persecuted by the Russian government for this stance. He seems to have been arrested for publically criticizing the Russian "special military operation" in May 2022. He stated he opposed the invasion from the viewpoint of the cost of it detracting from social spending for Russians.[28] Later, he claims he was convicted for 'slandering the Russian army' and received a fine of 30,000 Rubles after this incident.[29]

He also claims that the Russian government has targeted him by having his VK accounts closed, reducing the income he received via donations, a punitive measure that he claims that the Kremlin has not even applied to prominent Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny (who was jailed before the war), or other critics of the war.[30][31] In typical melodramatic fashion, he proclaimed this alleged mistreatment made him "the greatest saint and the greatest martyr in the history of mankind". As of September 2022, he seems to be continuing his political activism relatively unimpeded, despite this grandiose claim, though he seems to be focusing on other social issues.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

He is anti-psychiatry:

Liberals and feminists have left the right to freedom of speech only for themselves, and for all who has a different opinion punitive psychiatry. All women send men "to a psychiatrist" if a man begins to tell the truth about the relationship between men and women about sex. After prison, the biggest threat to men in Russia is punitive psychiatry.


And considers feminism to be a form of social darwinism, which he dislikes:

What is the difference between the philosophy of feminism and the philosophy of left Christian incels?
Feminism is based on SOCIAL-DARWINISM, the Nazi ideology of the superiority of some people over others. Social Darwinism has incorporated Nietzschianism and other misanthropic ideologies. Females, and indeed many women in general, consider themselves higher, more perfect than men, and men - lower than themselves, lower beings.


He is a big fan of Joseph Stalin:

"The great Stalin was mistaken in the fact that the October Revolution completely eliminated the exploiters and exploitation. He (Stalin), who had sex with two girls of 15 years, and thanks to this received colossal cosmic energy, carried out the greatest accomplishments in the history of mankind, could not even imagine that once, somewhere, women WILL REFUSE SEX to men, and under socialism, which he began to build in our country"


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