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Political correctness (PC) is the (well-intentioned?) attempt at regulating political speech in order to avoid hurting people's feelings. Its proponents assume that if one limits speech to nice words, everyone will be nice, that certain groups easily get offended and that speech discriminates against minorities and potentially causes real harm or unfair treatment (e.g. the misapplication of pronouns).

All these assumptions are likely false for the most part. Political correctness does not reduce conflict or hurting feelings, because insult still finds its way. It only defers insult to different means than offensive words while stifling freedom of expression (see also antifragility).

The blackpill tends to be politically incorrect, as it involves a dispassionate and objective understanding of the world even at the risk that some individuals or groups may become upset or disheartened by inconvenient or unflattering truths. Political correctness not only impacts the work of politicians, but it also forces scientists to either be less direct with their findings or completely avoid engaging in research on certain subjects.[1]

PC and incels[edit | edit source]

Most, but not all, recent incel communities such as braincels have had a strong anti-PC stance as evidenced by their provocative memes and satire.

Political correctness and related policing of men's speech and behavior may aggravate shyness in shycels and may increase approach anxiety due to a fear of saying something politically unpopular or offensive. PC might also contribute to turning men into nice guys who are too shy to overcome female coyness, and hence reduce their reproductive success. These phenomena, to the extent they exist, may also be an instance of the kind of deterioration of normal social behavior hypothesized in the social epistasis amplification model.

Bureaucracies and authoritarianism[edit | edit source]

PC likely results from bureaucracies maintaining or extending their power through enforcing already popular values by means of policed speech. E.g. political activists may be able to advance their careers through enforcing and virtue signaling these values, or they may be able to eliminate political opponents or engage in entryism. Similar dynamics are found in all authoritarian systems, regardless of the underlying system of values.

Examples of politically correct terms[edit | edit source]

ugly person genetically challenged, superficially inconvenienced
ugly person creep
currycel Indian involuntary celibate

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. The Evolutionary Origins and Biological Underpinnings of Cognitive Differences between the Sexes, Roderick Kaine, Arktos, 2016



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