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An illustration (featuring a Chad and an incel) of the fact that it is over. The Chad has a royal flush, while the incel has a 2 and a 7 not of the same colour, a parking card, a McDonald card, and an "Oops!" Yu-Gi-Oh! card. Note the "Just x" expression.

It's over is an expression widely used in the incelosphere to indicate hopelessness.

A common formulation is "It's over for _____-cels" with the blank being filled in with whatever obscure kind of incel is being referenced.

HeedandSucceed may be responsible for the usage of the term in incel forums. Although, the general defeatist sentiment with regards to inceldom can even be found in movies made prior to incel forums becoming well known, for example in Extension du domaine de la lutte in this scene.

In the context of describing how Shrek was discriminated against once his real face was known, it's often expressed as "IT'S OGRE".

Another version which express the same feeling is "It never began" or "It never even began".

The French expression for "it's over" would be "tu l'as dans l'os" (literally, "you have it in the bone," a reference to how Frenchcels get screwed over by just a few millimeters of bone).

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