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Non-altruism is a proclivity that truecels often exhibit after lengthy periods of what they perceive as society expelling them to becoming social outcasts. The non-altruist progression is an extension and seen by some as a logical outcome of the "you're not entitled to anything" mantra that some people on the inceldom spectrum (especially truecels) go through as a chapter of their trueceldom. According to these truecels of the incelosphere, society no longer values altruism, or only values altruism when it benefits certain 'protected' groups such as women; as is evidenced by the knee-jerk antipathy towards the notion of the pity-fuck.

Although many truecels were raised with the principle of the Golden Rule which is ubiquitous in the Abrahamic religions, the dog-eat-dog message of the capitalist system, and the apathy of wider society towards truceldom means some truecels believe they are justified in taking the selfish non-altruist progression, even if it means not helping a woman out who is dying after a car accident. Some truecels view this indifference towards women as "payback" for the apathy that women show towards sub-8 decile men in general.

In philosophy non-altruism is known as Egoism, the idea that self-interest is the basis of morality.

Altruism paradox[edit | edit source]

Organisms generally behave altruistically when the costs are very low or when the costs are very high. For example, wealthy parents are on average, extremely altruistic to their children compared to the general public because even a small financial investment is actually very large ie. (Donald Trumps "small loan" of 1 million dollars he received from his father). Very poor parents also behave altruistically, because they have little choice but to invest every dollar they have into their children. Based on these facts logic and rationality would dictate middle class parents of median household income would behave the least altruistically toward their children, as well as have the most unstable marriages due to them focusing on themselves, their careers, attracting new mates (midlife crisis stereotype) etc. And incels are disproportionately middle class as well as autistic, in short the non-altruistic proclivity very likely has a genetic component and would not be tempered by self help movements such as general red-pill philosophy and game.

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