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Non-altruism is a proclivity that truecels often exhibit after lengthy periods of what they perceive as society expelling them to becoming social outcasts. The non-altruist progression is an extension and seen by some as a logical outcome of the "you're not entitled to anything" mantra that some people on the inceldom spectrum (especially truecels) go through as a chapter of their trueceldom. According to these truecels of the incelosphere, society no longer values altruism, or only values altruism when it benefits certain 'protected' groups such as women; as is evidenced by the knee-jerk antipathy towards the notion of the pity-fuck.

Although many truecels were raised with the principle of the Golden Rule which is ubiquitous in the Abrahamic religions, the dog-eat-dog message of the capitalist system, and the apathy of wider society towards truceldom means some truecels believe they are justified in taking the selfish non-altruist progression, even if it means not helping a woman out who is dying after a car accident. Some truecels view this indifference towards women as "payback" for the apathy that women show towards 1st deciler men, and sub-8 decile men in general.

In philosophy non-altruism is known as Egoism, the idea that self-interest is the basis of morality.

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