Incel Crisis Coverup

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The Incel Crisis Coverup is an conspiracy theory alleged by many users on the Incelosphere

The Theory[edit | edit source]

According to the theory, the government and various organizations within it are working to silence and contain incels and their theories. According to online activists and whistle-blowers, the majority of media and content we consume today has strong ties to the government and CIA. This is evident because most mainstream publications are shaming and ridiculing incels in every possible way. the only sympathetic articles made about incels are mostly on writer blogs like .

Many documentaries that are trying to capture the phenomena are under-budgeted,blacklisted and outright stopped for unknown reasons. Any mainstream documentary or video made by big media companies is usually downvoted by the majority of watchers.

Film[edit | edit source]

Hollywood is alleged to have a big impact on young girls, especially with movies like 50 shades of grey, and american pie. nerds and outcasts are never portrayed in a positive light unless they are milked for money or information. in many coming-of-age movies the nerd might get laid in the end of the movie, after being rejected many times by woman. however. the amount of movies that portray female loners/nerds in a negative light is minor and insignificant. actors like jesse eisenberg are known to play the stereotypical nerd role.

Feminism[edit | edit source]

Many feminists use the incel debate to promote their own personal agendas. They usually say that 'incels are a result of male entitlement' and they also point out that arranged marriages is not the solution. Feminists are known to demand things they are not entitled to (free abortions,safe spaces etc), so it seems like a poorly made argument to begin with.

Online forums[edit | edit source]

Many have suggested that government-funded sockpuppeting is occurring in incel online forum, with either the purpose of derailing the narrative and dividing the groups, probing for potentially violent users, or pushing for ideologies and values that favor the status quo like MGTOW.

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