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Mentalceldom is an umbrella term for all the mental or psychological factors that may have led to someone's inceldom. A person who experiences this disposition is called a mentalcel. The Donnelly Study found that participants reported depression, low self-esteem, poor body image and emotional paralysis at the thought of initiating a relationship.[1]


Involuntary celibacy has been attributed to psychological factors, such as social awkwardness, a lack of social skills,[2] lack of confidence or flirting skills, trust issues, addiction,[3] shyness,[4] recreational sex invoking feelings of guilt, fears of unreciprocation of romantic overtures or apathy[5] or an inability to decipher social cues.[6] It has also been suggested that people who live involuntarily celibte lives may have psychological disorders such as depression, Asperger syndrome, and body dysmorphic disorder.[7]

It has also been suggested that there is a correlation between involuntary celibacy and other psychological issues such as neuroticism, anxiety, and autism, extreme introversion or general mental ailments.[8]