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Game is being attractive through smooth, charismatic behavior and speaking with flow and elegance, much like dance, music or poetry. This is not to be confused with negging or acting aggressively, which are copes for people that don't have game. Just like the way a person looks, and dresses, speech and behavior can be beautiful as well.

Most lookism theorists and lookist blackpillers think game is mostly determined by one's looks, and can hardly be improved for most incels. I.e. they believe good looking people are allowed to express themselves more than ugly people, and hence develop a more compelling demeanor.

Autists lack game[edit | edit source]

Individuals with mental conditions, like Asperger's syndrome talk and act in a awkward manner which is for the most part not beautiful. Autists, in particular, have an excessively hyper-masculine communication style, they often respond in a delayed fashion and have facial expressions that mismatch with their speech content. This is often perceived as rude, blunt and direct. Autists also excessively use the personal pronouns I, you, he, she, it, me, him, her. And scarcely use the pronouns we, they, us, them, so autists come off as selfish, self centered, and lacking in empathy, contributing to their lack of likability.

This communication style makes them bearable in any area were status is determined by rank and competence, instead of likability, such as in the military, but they struggle with friendships, and maintaining useful connections and relationships. Beautiful people are often forgiven if they happen to have no game, due to halo effect.

Texting/conversation game[edit | edit source]

Style and presentation is an essential part of game. One way of improving conversation game is to leave out personal pronouns "I, you, he, she, it, me, him, her" and replace them with nicknames such as "bud, a person, bro, man, sweetheart". Or leave them out entirely.

For example instead of "Are you going to the grocery store today?" Use "When will the groceries be bought?" This puts focus on the groceries which is the intent of the conversation and doesn't insinuate in any way that the other person was supposed to get the groceries, which can cause conflict. An attractive speech pattern is not necessarily feminine, or neurotypical, but descriptive, narrative, and storyteller like.

Examples & counterexamples[edit | edit source]

Attractive/beautiful pick-up line:

"Sweetheart, just cuz a man's intimidating doesn't mean the guy's a bad person. Well, maybe, but good things come in rough packages, sometimes. Now, a sweetheart deserves someone to love and a man deserves the same. In the manosphere we tend to associate with the masculine, with strength, with power and that's all very appealing, but that's not where real love comes from.""


Autistic pick-up line:

"I'm a little intimidating but I'm actually a good person. Well maybe i'm not, but I do good things and I have good morals. Your the sweetheart. Your beautiful. You deserve someone to love you for you and for the person you are. You're the most perfect girl in the world, just try and love yourself. You are beautiful. You deserve to have the love of your life in your world."


Autistic advertising:

"Welcome to my user page! I mainly help maintaining the Scientific Blackpill as well as related articles such as Hypergamy and Blackpill, but I'm also overall wiki janitor.

My personal profile can be found here.

Note: If you are not a wiki user, please use the following link:

What Is Misandry

Misandry is a social concept developed by feminists to describe the hatred and oppression of men in general, and of men by women in particular. Misandry is not a concept that arose out of nowhere. It was already present in feminist thought and activism at least as early as the first few decades of the 20th century. The concept of misandry was originally a feminist concept, and the word "misandry" itself was coined by a prominent feminist writer in 1926."


  • Notice that the speech pattern uses an excessive amount of first person I, me, it pronouns, and the person prefers to simply list facts. There is no rhythm or flow. This is great for writing science articles, an evolutionary novel activity, that autists excel at, but terrible for communicating with other people, and being likeable.

Attractive advertising

"Welcome! Maintaining the Scientific Blackpill as well as related articles such as Hypergamy and Blackpill are of utmost importance. As well as wiki janitoring.

This Wiki is dedicated to the preservation of truth and the promotion of a knowledge based society and the free flow of information. The is a non-profit project by a former employee that strives to expose the Blackpill.

Black Pill – The ultimate social experiment. is a site dedicated to the promotion of the scientific black pill and is not endorsed by the author. This is a work in progress.

The Author is an ex-employee of the Black Pill, Inc.

" The best defense against mental slavery is knowledge." – Aristotle

The original and the wiki that has been made as a replacement are now under the control of and the parent company."


  • Notice how when the personal tone is removed, the speech pattern becomes purely descriptive, storyteller, narrative like,and much more enjoyable to read and interesting. Facts are still listed, although now there's a sense of style, rhythm, flow, and finesse.

Chad speech pattern pick-up:

"Will those long, chocolate legs buckle while that ass gets pounded? Will that tight wet pussy be able to handle this monster cock? Cuz This big dick can fill that hole for sure, baby. We can't just fuck we have to fuck HARD. Only a real woman can fuck with this stud!"

Chad Thundercock

Autistic virgin speech pattern pickup

"Will those long chocolate legs buckle while I'm bending you over? No? Ok. Well I'l try again later. But now I want to taste you. I want to hear you moan, and you know how much I love hearing you moan. Yes, I'll keep trying to bend you over. I think I can get you to do it. I can see that your ass is really fat and i love that about you. Don't fight it, you know you want me to. You can feel my hard cock pushing against your ass right now! I know it feels good, just let me fuck! Your pushing me away? What are you doing that for?"

Billy Betabux

Phonaesthetics[edit | edit source]

Is the study of beauty and attractiveness associated with the sounds of certain languages, words and or parts of words and is a very important part of texting as well as conversation game. Elegant, high status, fancy words like luminescence are more attractive than words like guttural. With the most attractive word in the English language being selador.[1] Also a study done in 1995 by David Crystal, determined exactly what type of words sound attractive to the ear.

  • Words with three or more syllables (e.g., goss·a·mer and mel·o·dy)
  • Stress on the first syllable e.g., góssamer (GO-ssamer) and mélody (ME-lody)
  • /l/ is the most common consonant phoneme, followed by /m, s, n, k, t, d/, then a huge drop-off before others consonants (e.g., luminous contains the first four)
  • Short vowels (e.g., the schwa, followed in order by the vowels in bid, bed, and bad) are favored over long vowels and diphthongs (e.g., as in bide, bode, bowed)

Three or more manners of articulation (with approximant consonants the most common, followed by stop consonants, and so on) A perfect example word, according to these findings, is tremulous. Crystal also suggests the invented words ramelon /ˈræməlɒn/ and drematol /ˈdrɛmətɒl/, which he notes are similar to the types of names often employed in the marketing of pharmaceutical drugs.[2]

A quick and easy way to improve ones attractiveness is to start using an attractively named alias. For example, the name Lucien Labellous is automatically perceived as attractive, high class, and royal of European descent. Same for a name of Middlle Eastern descent, such as Aramar Jadavra. Or a name of African descent like Zomar Kovaku. Or finally, a name of Asian descent like Minkkhanadori Sensisimoor.

A study on phonemic sounds done in 2017 showed people overwhelmingly rate fantasy languages as more attractive than real life languages, and that some fantasy languages are more attractive than other fantasy languages.[3]

A survey done in 2019 showed the most sexually attractive real life accent in the world is the Kiwi accent of people living in Australia.[4] However, based on the attractiveness studies above, a fantasy accent is likely to be far more attractive than any real life accent.

Evolution[edit | edit source]

The beauty of speech and thought has possibly evolved as useful competence for "social survival" (social brain hypothesis of intelligence), and/or aesthetic sexual selection and related feedback loops (sexual selection hypothesis of intelligence). Arguably, people can cooperate and negotiate well without poise and elegance though, lending sexual/aesthetic selection some credibility.

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