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Modern Demography of the "Female Gaze" (female desires)[edit source]

The images from this website seemed to be antithetical to the "female hypoagency" trope (18+/NSFW) Thematics of the website:

  • Acts
    • Tomboy Abs contrasting "Femboy" male Shyness
    • Bondage, Femdom, Female Idolization, Oedipal Play,"House Cleaning Services"
    • Pegging, Forced Masturbation, Male Sexual Service
  • Males with:
    • E-Boy Looks (rather than Chad or Hyper-Masc as per Wheat Waffles)
    • Non-gymmaxxed athletic bodies (instead of wider shoulder, stronger hips and abs)
    • Inverted height difference (Equal to, or shorter than the female, preferably 6+ inches)