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The bare name of a person does not necessarily imply a higher Chad-ness.

"Chad", and all respective variants of it are used as a slang within the incel community for an attractive male with masculine jawline.

Stacy is the equivalent slang to refer to a top-tier, fertile woman.

Location Male Female Examples
USA, Canada, Australia Chad, Spencer Stacy
Great Britain Barry, Steven, Scott, William/Billy Chelsea, Amanda, Danielle, Lindsay
  • Ellie Goulding (British singer)
  • Ella Henderson (British singer)
  • Joss Stone (British singer)
  • Talulah Riley (actress, model, former Wife or Elon Musk)
Africa Tyrone
Saudi Arabia Abdul [1] Ziba, Shirin, Samira, Silene
China (relative) Chang [1] (rare) Members of BTS and many K-Pop stars.
Japan Sou Ryo Yoshizawa, Hiroyuki Sanada, Kento Yamazaki
Korea Hyuna (singer, actress in PSY gangnam style music video), Lee Min Ho, Gong Yoo and many other K-Pop stars
Spain Farid Cindy Shakira at a younger age, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ricky Martin (Before coming out).
France Léon Nathalie
Italy Tommy
Germany, Austria, Switzerland Lukas, Lars Katharina, Katrin, Alma, Julia Arnold Schwarzenegger, Julian Claßen, Bianca Heinicke, younger Sylvie Meis, Jonas Ems
Morocco Hassan, Jihad
Russia Erokhin[2] Ernest Khalimov (prototype Gigachad)
Iran Armin, Arian Ziba, Shirin, Samira Armin Danesh (Iranian megachad residing in Germany, comedy and lifestyle YouTuber and Instagrammer)
Afghanistan Ahad
Paschtu/Urdu-speaking countries Assad Ziba, Shirin
Syria Diaa Silene
Kurds Laok
Hungary Csanád
Turkey Sarp, Mert, Mustafa Dilan, Selen, Pelin Mero (megachad rapper), Cenk Hoca (Turkish fitness instructor), Dilan Dere (Posts her Kardashian like ass on twitter to impress chads)
Rumania Cindy Bishop (Rumanian megastacy model)
Sweden Dennis Britta
India (relative) Rahul (VERY rare) Many Bollywood music video and film actors and actresses.
Poland Oskar, Klaudiusz Wiktoria, Julia, Elyse
Greece Reece Reece Curran (megachad actor, spouse of megastacy actress Caroline Dahm.)
Afrikaans Taegue Shannon
Wales Rhodry Jasmin

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