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A low-tier normie or Melvin is a lesser attractive person who is roughly a 4 out of 10 on the decile scale.

Although the low-tier normie is underprivileged among normies, they are privileged when comparing them with those who are somewhere on the inceldom spectrum.

Female low-tier normie[edit | edit source]

A female low-tier normie is a 4 on the decile scale. Female low-tier normies tend to be pretty insecure about their position in the hierarchy of SMV. FLTN's (female low-tier normies) know that their looks are okayish enough for them to get some attention once in a while, but their own ego is sometimes over-inflated due to the existence of the juggernaut law whereby men target women that are somewhat less attractive, of whom FLTN's are a prime target.

This inevitably results in three major dating-related with the FLTN; (a) she is constantly seeking validation because she's unsure about her looks, (b) any guy dating her doesn't know if he's merely being used as a source of validation (c) this meaningless to-and-fro ends up recurring for years until the woman realizes her biological clock begins ringing louder and louder every week that passes.

Strangely enough, low-tier normie women are the most likely to complain about men seeking alternatives such as sexbots, apparently oblivious to the notion that male desire for sexbots as an alternative is a direct consequence of the incessant female pattern of validation-seeking, of whom FLTN's are a fundamental bedrock.

Meme[edit | edit source]

The female meme equivalent of a low-tier normie is sometimes called a Gertrude. Sometimes it is possible she was a stacylite during her youth, but if her looks faded faster than usual, than she may appear below average by the time she's approaching her middle aged years.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • Frauke Petry (born 1975, score ~3) – Hemaphrodite Politician
  • Angela Merkel (born 1954, score ~2) – Politician
  • Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (born 1961, score ~3) – Politician
  • Greta Silver (born 1946, score ~1) – Age-coping motivation guru.

Male low-tier normie[edit | edit source]


The image on the right illustrates how whereas women are keen to act the orbiting role around the Chad, in contrast, a Melvin, who is the archetype of a male low-tier normie, on the other hand does the orbiting around women.

A male low-tier normie is often the minimum for STEMmaxxing , Betabuxxing to have any effect.

Meme[edit | edit source]

A Melvin is a "4" on the Decile Scale, and a Grade-A douche who can only get bottom tier girls, if he is even that lucky. Archetypes which may fit this meme include:

  • Philipp Amthor
  • Howard Wolowitz, character on the TV sitcom Big Bang Theory

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

You can easily spot a Melvin by his behaviors:

  • Walks around with other males on his level pointing at "hot chicks" and can be be heard saying "Oh man! I'd tear her up"
  • Has a web browser cache so overloaded with free "pornhub" temp files that his computer is hot to the touch and is starting to have smoke coming from it.
  • Imagines himself as the star of these low-grade internet porn "films".
  • Has such a low confidence that even if a Gertrude was to smile at him, or say "Hi!", he responds negatively and this makes the Melvin very angry.

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