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Wittoldry refers to the behaviour of a wittold (also called a dayuuth, dayouth, dayooth). Wittoldry is similar to cuckoldry except in relation to family; i.e. example someone who is apathetic to the notion of their family members being promiscuous.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The adjective form of such a stance is wittoldic or wittoldrous. A man who behaves this way is a "wittold". A woman who behaves this way is called a wittoldress or wittoldatrix. The act in and of itself is called "wittolding", while its verbified form is "wittoldize" or "wittoldizing". Someone who is being wittolded is called a wittoldee. Examples of wittoldic behaviour include:

  • Buying your sister's boyfriend a packet of viagra
  • Insinuating that your 16 year old daughter and her boyfriend should "go bareback"
  • Buying a brand-new car for your daughters boyfriend of 1 week.
  • Leaving the house in the evening whilst playing a compilation slow-jam album whilst 12 of your intoxicated male friends are in there with 5 of your female relatives.
  • A man visiting a seedy nightclub with his sister and not paying any attention afterwards.
  • A woman leaving her 18 year old son in the presence of her female friend who is known to have sugar momma tendencies.
  • The more extreme version of the wittold (or dayooth) might even welcome random strangers to bonk their immediate family members.

Dayuuth[edit | edit source]

There is a popular Arabic term which has to some extent scooped over into the English-speaking world called Dayuuth. The term dayuuth is synonymous with wittold. Although the Arabic world increasingly has a tendency towards irreligiosity, there are religious subsets of the Arabic community may consider wittoldry to be a sin, as illustrated in the following hadith "The Messenger of Allah said: "There are three at whom Allah will not look on the Day of Resurrection: The one who disobeys his parents, the woman who imitates men in her outward appearance, and the cuckold."[1]. This has been interpreted to not only refer to males who allow their wives to have sex with other men, but also to refer to men who "has no protective jealousy or pride" towards his wife or female relatives.[2] However atheistic middle easterners, as well as westerners whom have adopted certain cultural traits from the Middle East have also been known to use the word dayuuth (wittold) as an epithet for those whom have a cuck-like aloofness or apathy towards eccentric sexual behaviour by immediate relatives.

References[edit | edit source]