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Goy is a term used to describe a person that pays a lot for very little, in terms of pure value.

also someone that uses propaganda bits in his arguments, without fully understanding the logic behind his own argument.

Platitudes & Behaviors[edit | edit source]

Goys are a subset of Normies that can't properly gauge the amount of effort and time you should put into something.

for example: if you earn 15$ an hour and eat 20$ meals, or when you are tricked by an insurance firm or a commercial to pay more.

they don't seem to understand that most countries are moving towards socialism and everyone are provided for, regardless of how much effort they put in. Western governments are known to shell out money for criminals and refugees.

i think making a downpayment on a 2 story home is a good idea

my old car works fine, but i think its time for me to get a new one

this private island vacation costs 10 grand for one week, seems reasonable- lets see if my wife approves this

The Prisoner Paradox[edit | edit source]

Prisoners and prison staff have roughly 1:1 ratio, they also get their own room (compared to college dormitories that house several people). they also get clean healthy food everyday while most people pay money to eat.

private prisons get extraordinary amounts of money per prisoner, so they are not exactly private

Life Insurance & Saving For Retirement[edit | edit source]

When people get terminally ill or in need of free medical care. the government will usually liquidate everything they own before they die.

People save up for late retirement, but often forget that that planning 30 years ahead is unrealistic, and even if you do retire, your ability to enjoy life in the “golden years” (old age) greatly diminishes due to loss of health and body function.