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Vintologi or Darwinian Vintologi is a forum handle of a Swedish, social darwinian feminist who uses incel forums and started his own religion. He promotes ephebophilia, legal extermination of incels, sterilization of incels, and various anti-incel beliefs. At the same time he has stated he currently has trouble dating, and identifies as a locationcel. He is unemployed, not in training, nor in education. He also never leaves his house. He also considers himself volcel due to being a standardcel.

Further clarification[edit | edit source]

He believes he is not like incels because he can fuck ugly women. He also claims to not be attracted to women under the age of consent in Sweden (age 15), citing his love of big breasts.[1]

Just another Randian NEET who thinks he is better than the rest of the people in the forums he posts in we guess...

His own religion[edit | edit source]

According to Vintologi, the prominent beliefs of Vintologi are:

  • The fundamental laws of nature are universal.
  • consciousness has no first beginning or final end.
  • there is only one universe.
  • quantum 'randomness' is the free wills of the universe making choices. (lol)
  • no absolute morality, only personal preferences humans have
  • loving evolution, both darwinian evolution and conscious evolution

Other beliefs[edit | edit source]

  • Better looking people are smarter
  • Incels should not breed
  • Incels should be exterminated
  • Destruction of monogamy accelerated inceldom
  • Letting women be sexually free because previous sexual selection was good
  • Lowering the age of consent to after puberty (his rationale for this is odd as it is all predicated on women enjoying themselves and avoiding incels but he seems to be an ephebophile and something close to an incel)
  • Someone enjoying having sex with children would not be pedophilia[2].
  • Bombing civilians in a war context is not bad

Encouraging incels to transition to female[edit | edit source]

Vintologi is a firm believer in the Trans-vestigiality hypothesis and believes it is a good phenomena. This may be because he is bisexual or because he believes incels should not breed.

Attitude towards incels[edit | edit source]

He seems to believe in incelicide, if the following was him posting.

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