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Wilkes McDermid was a ricecel, truecel, popular food critic who roped as a result of his inceldom in 2015.

In the hours before his death, he wrote[1]:

'I have concluded that in the realm of dating and relationships the primary characteristics required for men are as follows:
'Height: above 5ft10; Race: huge bias towards caucasian and black; Wealth: or other manifestation of power.
'From my observations and research it appears that you need two of the three criteria for success with very few exceptions. What does this mean it means that it’s “game over” for me.'

He also wrote a lengthy FAQ prior to his death, archived here, and reproduced here:

His FAQ[edit | edit source]

Aren’t you being selfish?[edit | edit source]

Amazingly all the arguments against my leaving seem to have the same structure

“I will miss you” “What will I do when…[insert scenario here]” “But you’ve done so much for me…”[edit | edit source]

Note how all those statements are worried about what everyone else will lose, not what I will gain. So tell me… who is being selfish?

“But people care about you”[edit | edit source]

Yes I am grateful for that… but tell me, how does that help? If I was dying of thirst, no-one gave me water but ‘cared’ how does that benefit me?

But “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”[edit | edit source]

Define temporary? Months, years, decades, 50 years, a lifetime? How do you know the problem is temporary? I don’t see this as a temporary problem. This is just Darwinism. Height, power/money and race seem to be the determining factors in human attractiveness for women. I’ve lived with this for all my life, I am 37 right now so should I just suffer for another 37 years?

My boyfriend my be caucasian and over 5ft10 but he’s ginger… so you’re wrong…[edit | edit source]

Where have I ever mentioned ‘being ginger’ as one of the factors I have researched?

My boyfriend my be caucasian and over 6ft2 but he’s overweight… so you’re wrong…[edit | edit source]

Where have I ever mentioned ‘being overweight’ as one of the factors I have researched?

My boyfriend is Chinese so there, you’re wrong.[edit | edit source]

Yes your boyfriend is Chinese. He is also 6ft3 and a multi-millionaire. Read the criteria again. Race, height and wealth with the biggest deal-breaker of height. You’ve described someone who fits 2 of the 3 criteria as I’ve stipulated. The condition holds.

“Stop being so negative”[edit | edit source]

Looking at experimental results I don’t see why this is negative. I’m just taking the most logical conclusion. Take emotion out of your assessment and tell me why I find the same answers over and over again, regardless of the area of London or country. Just because you “don’t like”the results, it doesn’t make it untrue.

You’re talking shit, that’s simply not true[edit | edit source]

Really? Do this experiment, go to your own Facebook page, look at all the people you know. Count how of your friends are part of a couple of an Oriental girl with a Caucasian guy. Then count how many are the other way around. As I mentioned my observations show a 95% bias for Oriental Girls with Caucasian guys.

If you think that result is just co-incidence, perform the same experiment as you walk about in your daily life. If race doesn’t matter, then I would expect a 50/50 result. Ladies, look at your own dating history. I find that women who dispute my findings most strongly have a string of 5ft10+ Caucasian/Black boyfriends.

Interestingly enough the ones who are brave enough to admit that they will only date guys who fit the criteria tell me that they will rarely make that statement for fear or being labelled ‘shallow’. I learnt to watch what people do, unlike what they, actions rarely lie.

You’re just picking out the people who confirm your beliefs (Stats talk, “You have confirmation bias”)[edit | edit source]

I asked others to perform the same experiment without me present… their answers confirm mine. Additionally, go to Nexus or any other academic paper repository. They will show a raft of papers which will confirm my experimental results.

Interestingly enough I have recently discovered that several people haven’t come back to me with their results. The reason given for one is that “It would hurt you”. That doesn’t hurt me, but lying to me does.

OK – You only find those results because you’re in London (Soho/Mayfair…[insert any random geographical location]).[edit | edit source]

Well, although it’s by no means conclusive, I’ve done the same test here in Cape Town. Although I have not reached 100 yet, it’s 42-2 bias of Caucasian guys with Oriental girls as opposed to the other way around at the time of writing. That’s a 96% bias.

Lots of people lead long fulfilling lives without a relationship.[edit | edit source]

I’m sure they do and if they’re really happy that’s good for them. All I am doing is accelerating Darwinsim. This is just natural selection. For example, the primary driver of height in female mate selection has resulted in the human race becoming taller (there are a lot of studies confirming this including a paper on Scandinavian countries).

“I have a friend who is Oriental with a Caucasian girlfriend… so you’re wrong.”[edit | edit source]

I am not saying that it’s impossible, but the probability is extremely low. All the examples shown to me except ONE have the following criteria. The girl can’t do any better; the guy is above 5ft10 or rich, or both. Wealth overrides all the other criteria. The probability of winning the Euro-Millions lottery is 74 million to 1. So if you show me a lottery winner on the television news, is the 74 million to 1 figure now wrong?

One of my female friends is white and really likes Oriental guys. So you’re clearly wrong.[edit | edit source]

So you’ve found ONE exception? Congratulations. In my ENTIRE LIFE I have also found one exception. A British born Finnish girl… who then married a 6ft6 Irish guy, divorced him and then told me “My friends always ask me why I go for Chinese guys and say they could never do it. Anyway, in my case I found that actually means Oriental, born in England and really tall”

You are clearly mentally ill? Why don’t you go to a psychiatrist?[edit | edit source]

Amazingly someone told me that anyone who wants to die is “by definition” mentally ill. That implies that anyone is paraplegic and goes to Digitas to die is clearly mentally ill as well. If being mentally ill means that you won’t accept people lying to you, if it implies that you don’t want to live in pain for the rest of your life, then you’re absolutely right.

For those of you who don’t know, I did end up in The Priory Hospital in Roehampton where I met some awesome people (yes, some were famous). However I found that they were low on facts and relied heavily on emotional ‘one-liners’, not logic. It also seems to address the ‘symptoms’ of the issue, not the problem itself.

I was repeatedly told to “trust the process”, but no-one was willing to outline this mystical process. To me it was one step removed from a cult with pseudo science used to ‘persuade’ rather than educate. For one session at The Priory I was told to stare at an orange for an hour… Make your own conclusions on how effective that technique was…

Interestingly enough, I know of three relationships which started between Priory patients. Two involved a 5ft10+ Caucasian guy… and one with a guy who may have been 5ft8-9

But you will burn in hell! Suicide is a sin! The afterlife is real![edit | edit source]

I am not religious; they are your beliefs, not mine. On my side I have performed experiments and had them verified by my peers and carried out enough academic research to see that my results appear to be correct beyond reasonable doubt. I don’t believe things just because they are “in a book”.

“Remember you always have a choice”[edit | edit source]

What kind of statement is that? I can reply to almost anything with that statement which doesn’t really mean anything. (“I like cake”… “Remember you always have a choice”.)

Yes, you are right. I have the choice to suffer for the rest of my life… or I can end the suffering. I have a choice.

“So what? You might be right… be an exception!”[edit | edit source]

Gravity seems to work… so what… levitate, be an exception.

“Suicide is the cowards way out”[edit | edit source]

Clearly you’ve never tried it… you stare straight down 500m of Table Mountain and tell me how ‘cowardly’ you have to be to make that jump. I have a new respect for abseilers and paragliders!

“You’re clearly racist”[edit | edit source]

Race was only one of the criteria. Height and wealth (or power) are the other two. I am just presenting you with my findings. Interpret them how you wish. But I’ve heard “I will never date an Oriental guy” so many times (take note, this was never directed towards me). Interestingly enough I’ve heard that statement from multiple Oriental girls, what does that tell you?

If you wish to shoot the messenger that’s not my problem. I’m presenting you with findings, interpret them how you wish. Just like Darwin presenting his findings on the origin of species there is significant resistance due to political correctness.

“You’re a Nazi. What you’re promoting is ‘Social Darwinism'”[edit | edit source]

I am presenting you with what I have found, not trying to encourage or push a behaviour or segregation. If you have an issue with what I have found then why don’t you explain the findings yourself.

“The reason why you don’t find Oriental guys with Caucasian girls is cultural”[edit | edit source]

I’ve head this three times. Firstly, no-one seems to want to elaborate on what this statement actually means. It just seems like a coverall phrase. Secondly, none of these people seem to have asked the opinion of Oriental guys. I have asked 27 of them guys and only 2 have agreed with that statement.

“Why don’t you just use a prostitute every few weeks?”[edit | edit source]

That doesn’t solve the problem.

“So what would you tell someone else in the same position?”[edit | edit source]

They should make their own assessment of what they want to do, if they want to die, it’s their conclusion and it is their decision, not mine. But don’t try to lie to me to get me to change my mind. Quality of life is more important than quantity.

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