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Name: Mario
Date of Birth: unknown
Occupation: gamer
Ethnicity: unknown

AnnoyingTV also known as Mario was an NBA2K YouTuber who turned into a standard twitch streamer who is one of the best examples of a Jester. He is not only truecel as well but around 5’4 and a framecel with disproportionate arm width. He bears a similarity to Nrg Dizzy however he’s been bullied since he face revealed since 2016 over his face. His reputation has been heavily built off his looks since its conception. Since then there’s been many streamers arguably who are less attractive mocked for their looks such as N3on, Cuffem, AsmonGold, etc. However he is known to be the original and has worse stats than those 3 even if better looking due to his height, frame, etc. As well as the fact he is bullied far more than these 3 due to his stature, extreme un athleticism musk and size by other streamers. His own fanbase bullies him. [1]

His case proves the halo effect and blackpill.

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