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Name: Toby Reynolds
Date of Birth: December 06, 1991
Occupation: Musician, Broadcaster, Truck Driver
Ethnicity: white

Eggman (active 2015-present), a.k.a Toby Reynolds or eggy, known in the incelcore scene under the pseudonym Egg White, is arguably the most meme'd incelebrity in existence. Partially because he is Truecel. But mostly because he pandered hard to 4chan's r9k, making videos re-iterating common talking points on r9k, like his most famous work, 'Take the Blackpill'. His name, 'eggman', was given to him by school bullies because of his unusual head shape and he self-adopted it after school. He also achieved tremendous fame and acclaim in the incelosphere for his musical tribute to Alek Minassian.

Many incels want him as the official leader of the movement, but he declines, claiming that the loss of his virginity makes him unworthy.

The Black Pill -series[edit | edit source]

Eggman has recorded a series of videos on LMS theory, defeatism, and his shitty life which are known as the blackpill series. These videos reveal the core tenets of Eggman's philosophy.

In it Eggman discusses the effects a person's looks has on his or her quality of life and how women's standards have skyrocketed to ludicrous levels.

The Cookie Incident of 2005[edit | edit source]

One of the most crucial parts of Egglore/Tobylore is the Cookie Incident, a magnum opus of beta behavior. In 2005 Eggman started communicating with a class Stacy on MSN Messenger. Being perhaps the first girl to not ban him on messenger, Toby took this as a sign of romantic interest. This led to the execution of a superior plan of baking chocolate cookies and delivering them in person to said Stacy.

Eggman's grandmother, an extroverted and excitable person that she is, volunteered to drive him to the door of the Stacy in question. With shaking hands, Toby pressed the door bell and the girl appeared with her mother and sister. Turns out the story didn't have an ending worthy of a romantic comedy. On the Stacy's face was the look of what Toby describes as "rage mixed with shame". She hurriedly took the cookies and proceeded to block Toby on MSN Messenger.

The Oregon Shooting of 2015[edit | edit source]


A school shooting took place in Umpqua College in Oregon in 2015. As a result ten people died. Before the identity of the shooter was confirmed, some confusion ensued. 4chan then played a prank on the media saying it was Toby. Various news outlets, big and small, mistakenly identified Toby as said shooter, due to 4chan's malicious trolling. Read more about the media's response on the shooting. This was a very distressing period for Toby and he feared for his safety. However, the incident did make Eggman a household name in America. Eventually, the real assailant was identified as Chris Harper-Mercer by members of the media.

Police Raid[edit | edit source]

In 2016 Eggman streamed himself sleeping and someone called the cops after rumors started spreading that he had taken a bunch of pills. The cops came in and angrily asked why he was streaming and if he was trying to hurt himself, Eggman told the police it was probably a prank done by someone in his chat.

The Cuckening[edit | edit source]

In early 2016 Eggman hooked up with a female. Shortly after meeting online they started living together. Eggman would work 40-50 hours a week at his less than superior gas station job to pay the bills. He experienced serious fatigue and stress during this period in his life.

The Eggathon[edit | edit source]

Thanks to his ex-girlfriend's demands, Eggman was forced to broadcast from a closet. This superior recording location was named The Cuck Closet by Eggman's fans. Eventually, his ex-girlfriend denied Eggman his streaming altogether. This lead to a serious fight between the two.

Eggman reacted by walking over 50 miles that day. He did this to vent his frustrations and keep his mind occupied on any task. The Eggathon was Toby's way of dealing with another disappointment. Allergic to bees, Toby met an unusually large amount of these creatures during his Eggathon and was forced to end the trip. He decided to hitchhike home.

eggy's farewell image from 2016

Toby's Suicide Attempt[edit | edit source]

Eventually the female in question was found cheating on Eggman and they split up. This resulted in Eggman attempting suicide by hanging. His robust build saved him: the wooden structure failed under his weight and he survived. He ended up in a mental hospital for a few months as a result. Toby was advised to not make any further appearances as Eggman online by the hospital staff. He took a break, but decided to return as his alter ego.

The Great Dance of 2016[edit | edit source]

In December of 2016 Toby was visited by his friend Pizza, a trans woman. She agreed to slow dance with Eggman live on YouTube. In fact, many viewers were moved to tears by the innocence and sincerity of the magical event. Some claim it restored their faith in humanity - and a better future. The dance was truly avant-garde. Knowing the context, the lore. All of the factors that led up to this, culminating in a final clumsy union of two socially alienated men desperately seeking love in the face of absurdity. Almost Lynchian in prose, but strangely uplifting at the same time. A true modern tragedy.

eggy and pizza re-united for a last dance

The Disco Dance of 2018[edit | edit source]

In January 2018 Pizza returned to Eggman's basement for a second dance special. The energetic event was well-received by fans of both Pizza and Eggman. Out of shape and exhausted most of the time, Toby nonetheless provided some superior dance moves for his worldwide audience.

Jesus versus The Decepticons[edit | edit source]

Not one to shine in the world of academia, Eggman nonetheless received praise for an essay he wrote in high school, titled "Jesus versus The Decepticons". This text is an interesting insight into the mind of Toby Reynolds and a reading of said essay is available on YouTube.

The Basement Party of 2017[edit | edit source]

Eggman's dance partner and dear friend Pizza came to meet him again in late 2017. Two other unidentified people accompanied her. A lot of alcohol was consumed and a confetti gun was fired some 40 times during the night. Unfortunately, the rest of the encounter with Pizza and the others didn't go that well.

sexy leg support

Thanks to his superior dancing skills Eggman managed to sprain his ankle - and break his leg. He was put on painkillers and had to wear a sexy leg support. Despite of his injury Eggman continued filming videos in his basement.

The Blackout and Retirement[edit | edit source]

Toby maintains a mostly drug-free life although he has experimented with them. One time in Canada he even took a hit of heroin. However, Mr Reynolds is known to consume moderate amounts of alcohol in his basement. He has overdosed on alcohol and thrown up live during his YouTube show at least once.

Eggman continued weekly streaming into 2018. Sometime around June-July of 2018, Eggman blacked out on stream for hours, waking up to vomit and a room in shambles. Realizing he almost died of alcohol poisoning, eggy then released a video afterward stating his retirement from livestreaming and likely YouTube as he realized it was adversely effecting his health

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Toby Reynolds was born in Minnesota in 1991, to a working-class family.

Eggman has been in therapy since the age of five to treat several psychological issues. He was later diagnosed with autism and bipolar depression. Mr Reynolds was unable to speak properly until his teens, when speech therapy paid off. He grew up with two younger siblings. 

Mr Reynolds has had an interest in conspiracy theories from an early age. As a child he was skeptical about things such as the moon landing. He used to purchase many products marketed by the alternative medicine industry. 

In 2012 Mr Reynolds used to be a prepper, i.e. an individual who prepares for the apocalypse by hoarding guns, ammo, and food. Eggman had been in touch with the notorious hacker 4chan, who in turn is believed to be a major figure in the online conspiracy scene.

Toby's Success with Women and ex-girlfriend[edit | edit source]

Toby lost his virginity to a fat world of warcraft playing woman who was lonely and just wanted some company according to Toby. It never turned into a relationship or a friends with benefits

Possibly referencing 'the cuckening', eggman stated he doesn't look fondly on his latest relationship stating that the girlfriend just took all his money and was psycho. He said he learnt 'dominationmaxxing' from her as she would ask him to physically strike her, something he declined to do. Likely this was a BPD or bipolar chick with a fetish for anti-feminists. The relationship was short. [1]

Toby's Failures with Women[edit | edit source]

Although Eggman has had success with women, he has had his share of disappointments. Mr Reynolds has been cheated on, yelled at, and even physically assaulted by many women he's encountered. He's been rejected by about a thousand women on Tinder, including a homeless, balding single mother. Also, a girl from 4chan who seemed nice at first had him drive 600 miles to meet her - only to laugh at him.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Eggman stands at about 6 ft 1 with a robust build.

Facially he exhibits negative canthal tilt (tilted eyes) and poor eye support resulting in bags under the eyes.

Mr Reynolds prefers a shaven face, probably due to his relative inability to grow facial hair. Also, he doesn't have adult teeth due to his superior genetics.

Highschool and Later Life[edit | edit source]

Eggman graduated from a "felon factory" type of highschool, where the academic standards were not held that high. He had some bad boy cred back in the day, but in general was not a popular person. According to Mr Reynolds, a popular insult at the time was to claim one's classmate had a crush on Eggman. A diagnosed autist, Eggman has difficulty learning new things and doesn't enjoy studying that much. 

After high school Eggman enrolled in a community college but dropped out. Since then Toby has been working on-and-off in customer service at gas stations and grocery stores. One of his most memorable experiences was cleaning up after a gas station customer's massive attack of diarrhea.

Eggman has been living in one of his relative's basement since 2016.

Eggman's Comeback of 2018[edit | edit source]

As of October 2018, Toby decided to gradually return to his former streaming activities. Although not numerous, the few casts he did in October that year were memorable and of the usual Eggman-quality. He announced his plans to stream more often in the future. Toby was still living in the same basement.

Eggman's "Retirement" and the CBC Documentary[edit | edit source]

In early 2019, Eggman was the main person featured in a CBC, "documentary", on incels. Eggman was told it was going to be a piece on autism on online forums (which was basically correct). However, the, "doc", was mainly an activist thing rather than any attempt at a "documentary". He was basically asked by a pompous boomer in the doc if he felt he was misogynistic and inflammatory, as if that hadn't entered Eggman's mind before. The film featured a rap song by Eggman, "Alek Minassian", which was inspired by the infamous van killer of the same name. Apparently, Eggman was recommended he retire from social media, either by CBC or some other party. Toby took this advice to heart, at least for a few weeks.


Shortly after the interview was completed Eggman announced he would no longer be making (music) videos due to the fact his content may be too inflammatory. He briefly disabled his Twitter account, but has since activated it.

Feds Allegedly Bully Toby for not Being as Pretty as Eminem[edit | edit source]

Around the time of the CBC doc release, according to Eggman, the Feds allegedly tell Eggman that he will be held legally accountable if a virgin who he has ever talked to randomly does something criminal.[1] And this is due to a rap song that Eggman made about Alek Minassian, and also possibly associated with his appearance on the CBC documentary. sources: [2][3]

tldr a group of feminists working for Trump or Trudeau allegedly bully Eggman for making a rap song that glorifies mass murderers less than Eminems track, "Greatest", or, the music video for "This is America" by Childish Gambino, or "Cop Killer" by Ice T.

When asked directly if it really was the Feds that contacted him, Eggy generally evades the question, leading some to believe he may have been exaggerating any persecution for clicks/subs.

2020 Update[edit | edit source]

2020 was a big year for Eggy. After the Alek Minassian controversy calmed down in 2019, Eggy had decided to push forward with a life of making incelcore hiphop and streaming his alcoholic shenanigans. His music and rapping became much more a focus of his streams, where he was regularly freestyling on stream in response to donations.

His streaming hit a snag when a Japanese music rights company had him banned from streaming on YouTube for 3 months, but aside from that break, he streamed regularly throughout the year.

He also made progress on the musical front, getting real releases on major streaming services such as Spotify under the name Egg White. Several collaborations with the MDE crowd were also had, including KSTV and doing writing for Sam Hyde.

Imageboard Documentaries[edit | edit source]

Eggy appeared in both the big imageboard culture documentaries that were released in 2020. He appeared in TFW NO GF indirectly, in the form of existing video clips that had been edited into the movie. However in Feels Good Man (the Pepe documentary), he had a starring role in which he appears as Mills Wood; he gives the viewers a tour of his basement paradise where he was playing private server WoW on broken furniture, and defends the honorable use of Pepe the Frog from the coward Matt Furie.

2021 and Beyond[edit | edit source]

The dawn of 2021 had Eggy take a new direction. After a particularly long, drunken stream involving vomiting and memory loss (something that wasn't unheard of for his streams) Eggman decided to swear off alcohol for a month. This also marked an acceleration of his merchandising enterprise, selling and personally shipping Egg White branded t-shirts.

Great Twitter Purge of March 2021[edit | edit source]

Eggy's account did not survive the Great Twitter Purge of March 2021. He has not returned to twitter, having settled into using instagram, snapchat and the fediverse to satisfy his social media needs.

2022 Update[edit | edit source]

Eggy continued streaming on his Big Yolk YouTube channel and in February created a new channel called LSMS (Less screens more screams) which is a fitness related channel and a channel for updates in general. In March his Big Yolk channel was banned permanently by YouTube, something that already happened to his Egg White channel in 2021. After having two channels shut down by YouTube in less than a year, Eggy decided to move to Odysee for future streams. As of April he still continues to post updates on his LSMS channel.

In late August of 2022 Eggman started his 3 months training to become a certified truck driver. For private reason his future employer remains unspecified.

He remains quite active on social media, primarily, where he has over 2k followers. He streams regularly, at least once a week on YouTube and Odysee, and has also had several live gigs that he has travelled to (despite the meme flu).

2023 Update[edit | edit source]

In February of 2023 Eggy decided to shut down his server for good after announcing that he will step back from regular streaming and fully commit to his new job.

The guilded server has not actually been shut down as of May 2023, and Eggy has been streaming more regularly than he anticipated he would before getting employment. He still streams on Youtube once or twice a month on the LSMS Fitness channel, falling back to Odysee when the CIA glow in the darks DDOS his youtube stream and try and knock him offline.

It was also announced that Eggy will have some role in Sam Hyde's World Peace 2, although the extent of the involvement has yet to be announced.

He has also done periodic collab videos and streams with Mumkey when visiting him during 2022 and 2023.

Eggy still streams occasionally, now preferring to use Rumble to upload his kino. He is in the process of making it ,saving money with hopes of purchasing a mobile home.

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