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Many women sees a macho as manly while on the other hand for them an Incel with the same thougths is a misogynist.

Machismo is a Spanish and Portugese word for a concept of masculinity similar to the concept of Chad, alpha males, toxic masculinity, 'hegemonic masculinity', and traditional gender roles. Other than the newer Chad term, the word macho is very popular in mainstream culture and many western countries. The concept is not the same, as men can be masculine and still sexually unsuccessful with women. However, certain aspects of masculine behavior seem to generally aid in men's sexual success.

Machos often treat women poorly, and behave violently towards them, and women complain about that. On the other hand, these women often respond to this degrading and violent treatment by being sexually responsive towards the man with machismo, even while claiming they prefer "empathetic, sensitive guys in touch with their feminine side".

Even some feminist women have a macho boyfriend that is openly antifeminist, misogynist, sexist, and only sees the woman as a housewife and sex doll. Nice guys blame machos for getting girls via being assholes to them, claiming their genuine attempts to treat women well frequently result in them being incel and friendzoned. PUAs often teach men how to be act macho, but often do everything to deny it by saying things like it is "just be confident."

Many blackpilled incels will claim that these women are attracted to these men for their innate qualities, such as their high SMV, instead of their macho behavior. Some incels will also claim that 'masculine' qualities like a sense of duty, honor, being a reliable provider, etc., are not attractive to women. They claim women are only attracted to certain aspects of traditional masculinity, such as being cocky, a loudmouth, an asshole, a bully, and being sexually aggressive and displaying the potential to be sexually violent.

Unlike most people think, machismo actually doesn’t mean to be more ‘macho’ in Spanish and Portuguese language, it actually is the equivalent of ‘sexism’. However, in the manosphere it usually refers to what’s detailed in this article, which is being more ‘macho’.

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