Moral Relativism

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Moral Relativism is popular mindset in the 21st century.


Moral Relativism is comprised of several "layers" of thinking. the first layer is to believe that anything can be bad or good depending on the observer. this of course collides with biblical objective morality of good and bad. the second layer of moral relativism is double-think. you can hold 2 opposing opinions that 'contradict' at the same time. because the absence of objective morality, this also eliminates personal values and belief's, and those are only held when the person "feels" the need to bring them out. but when the said person does not "need" those values anymore he dismisses them. the third layer of Moral Relativism is lack of foresight. because said people believe in subjective morality, they often dismiss the idea of genetic lineage or tradition, they classify those as "abstract ideas" that hold no value in reality.

Connection to Normies[edit]

Normies and NPC's are usually the ones that believes in Moral Relativism and they are also known to be neo liberals as well.

Common Tropes & Ideas[edit]

lots of people could benefit from medical marijuana, therefore we should legalize it

we support free speech unless its against our code of conduct

in capitalism, our daughters are not allowed to fuck strangers for money- but only when its being filmed and distributed for others to enjoy

islam is a religion of peace, incels are terrorists

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