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The moggee in this example is performing mate guarding.

Mogging (a verbification and apheresis of the acronym AMOG for alpha male of group) is the act of dominating another person and is used for both men and women. It often refers to surpassing another person in physical appearance, but can also be used in other one-upmanship contexts such as surpassing them in wealth or physical strength. the act of mogging usually constitutes the highlighting or emphasization of sexually dimorphic traits so that a trait which counts as mogging for women, often wouldn't count as mogging for men. For example, a woman with a high-pitched voice would be mogging a woman who lacks this trait. On the other hand, a similar vocal pitch on a male would have the opposite effect.

A person who mogs others is called a mogger. A person who gets mogged is a moggee or mog-victim. All kinds of animals use mogging to negotiate status in a dominance hierarchy.

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