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Breastmogging is what happens when a macromastial woman mogs a flatchested woman by making her feel self-conscious, insecure and worthless through the breast size difference, leaving the breastmoggee in a sorrowful state of breast envy. In order to qualify as genuine breastmogging, the breastmogger needs to have natural breasts and needs to be non-obese and non-overweight. The average shortcel might be entirely incognizant about an act of breastmogging, especially if he's in a seedy venue with shoddy lighting whilst under the influence, a combination that may confuse him as to whether the assets in front of him that he's convolutedly staring at is actually a cleavage or a buttcrack. On the other hand, for a woman, the act of breastmogging might acquire a more sinister undercurrent. Thats because during an act of breastmogging, which in laymen's terms can be summed up as a D-cupper side-eyeing a B-cupper, the breastmogger feels proud, whereas the breastmoggee feels humiliated. The typical woman wants to be in the former camp rather than the latter.

Notable examples of macromastial breastmoggers include, Emily Ratajkowski, in the modelling industry, and Deniz Dreianova in the porn industry.

On the subreddit /r/BreastEnvy, one of the most condensed collections teeming with breastmogging, the art of breastmogging is called out-titting.

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