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Gayface is when a person appears to be homosexual, as judged from their physiognomy. Having a sex atypical facial sexual dimorphism is said to be associated with gayface. A potentially related phenomenon is pedoface. If a man has gayface and is not gay, the resulting physiognomy mismatch may impede his success with women.

Women look straight whether their midface is compact or expanded, whether their nose is vertically short or long. Gay face in women is when the face has an abundance of masculine facial features.

Aspects of gay face[edit | edit source]

  • Skorska et al. (2015) used a computer modeling program that examined the facial metrics of N = 390 male and female subjects of varying sexual orientations. It was found that lesbians had 'marginally more masculine facial shapes,' upturned noses, puckered mouths, and smaller foreheads than heterosexual women. Homosexual men tended to have more sloped foreheads, convex cheeks, and smaller noses (with nose size being typically considered a masculine feature, perhaps due to larger noses generally indicating greater prenatal androgen exposure, when controlling for ethnicity) [1] compared to heterosexual men. Therefore, the researchers concluded that facial structure was associated with sexuality in both men and women. This is likely due to prenatal hormonal exposure playing an important role in determining later sexual preferences, while also partially determining facial bone development.[2]
  • Wang & Kosinski (2017) used a deep neural network that, analyzing 35,326 'selfie' images, correctly determined homosexuality in 81% of cases for men, and in 74% of cases for women.[3] The decisions made by the neural network were compared to human judges, who could distinguish a man's homosexuality in 61% of cases and women in 54% of cases (slightly above chance). However, this study has been heavily criticized for being confounded by differences in facial expression, grooming, clothing, camera angle, and potentially other contextual factors unrelated to facial structure, such as facial expression, as homosexuals seem to mimic female typical facial expressions.[4] Thus, Soy boys, with their soy face, are also potentially mimicking gay face.

Causes[edit | edit source]

The exact causes are unknown, but gay face is thought to be caused by non dominant looking men reproducing with conventionally beautiful women. Male cutecels seem to have a hormonal profile of high estrogen but normal to low testosterone during prenatal development and or puberty, either due to environmental pollutants like synthetic estrogens found in plastic softeners, unnatural diet, mutational load (inbreeding.), natural genetics or any combinations of the above.

Female Gay Face is when the woman has an abundance of masculine facial features. Thus we can conclude mutational load (inbreeding) is the only cause of their condition. The Amish are notorious for inbreeding. Just go to Google and type in Amish women. Or if you want more cringe type in sexy Amish women. They all look like men. They range from hideously ugly Witches, to decent looking Beckys. Now type in Amish men. Most of them don't look hyper masculine at all, alot of them look like Pretty Boys. Scroll thru the images and you can see for yourself Amish men range from Incel to Chad.

That is what mutational load (inbreeding) does to a population.

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