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Fapstinence is a looksmaxxing endeavour used by low-T and love-shy men on the inceldom spectrum that consists of avoiding the usage of pornography and avoiding masturbation. According to these fapstinents, this self-denial will inevitably increase their T levels and thereby increase their confidence and consequently their ability to do cold approach or warm approach, and as such, help them to eventually deincelize. Some noFappers also believe this T increase would also affect their muscle or bones positively.

Subgroups[edit | edit source]

Nofappers[edit | edit source]

Nofappers are a subset of the manosphere entirely focused on fapstinence. These nofappers often congregate on various platforms titled NoFap. They believe that semen-retention will help with confidence levels, assertiveness, success with dating, and other behaviors associated with being high-T.

No Nut November[edit | edit source]

Another subgroup of the fapstinence effort, is the group No Nut November. The main goal of this group is to avoid ejaculating for an entire month, typically the month of November. This month was largely randomly chosen, so there is no fixed commemoration. However, it has largely the same end goal as the other major fapstinence group, NoFap, although each adherent has slight differences in its manifestations.

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