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A theory predicated on the principle of Wolff's law (the idea that bones will grow in response to stress placed on them), smash bone theory asserts that you can cause bone growth by exposing the bone to repeated blunt trauma. This is usually used to cause growth of the facial bones, such as the cheekbones or mandible.

The practice of so-called BoneSmashing involves hitting with an hard object precise parts of the face such as chin and cheekbones for the purpose of fixing a recessed chin or getting prominent cheeksbones

Opposing Arguments[edit | edit source]

  • some PSL users claim bonesmashing only provides a temporary swelling and not real bone growth.
  • some users in PSL claim bonesmashing cannot give predictable results so the output may not be positive

Bonesmashing gallery[edit | edit source]

zygo bonesmashing picture posted on Looksmax

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