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The benefits of the development of sexbots is an topic that frequently comes up on the incelosphere, especially by incelists.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

  • if you are disabled, the sexbot doesn't mind your disability
  • the sexbot doesn't menstruate over your crotch
  • the sexbot doesn't get "headaches"
  • Sexbots won't get jealous
  • sexbots don't have religious texts banning its use.
  • sexbots are more palatable for prudes, puritans, phallophobes, eurotophobes, erotophobes and antisexualists,
  • the sexbot won't leave you blueballed by cumming too early
  • The sexbot won't reach menopause
  • the sexbot doesn't ghost you or reject you
  • If you have a long penis, you can adjust the shallowness of the sexbot, you can't adjust a real human cervix
  • if your penis is too short, you can adjust the size of the vagina; you can't with human women

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