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Fapstinence or NoFap is a dating strategy used by low-T and love-shy men on the inceldom spectrum that consists of avoiding masturbation and pornography consumption. Fapstinents believe this will inevitably increase their T levels and thereby increase their confidence and consequently their ability to do cold approach or warm approach women, and as such, help them to eventually deincelize. Some nofappers also believe this T increase would also affect their muscle or bones positively, i.e. using it as a looksmaxxing technique.

NoFap forums have a large overlap with incel forums in terms of overall themes and characteristics of the forum users. There is a high prevalence of the alt-right among nofappers, especially those that oppose pornography.[1]

Scientific evidence[edit | edit source]

The hype around fapstinence originated from a 2011 Reddit post to /r/TIL about a single Chinese study claiming fapstinence would boost T levels.[2][3] This study was, however, based on a tiny sample and there are other results actually demonstrating an increase in T levels following masturbation.[4] The bulk of scientific research suggest masturbation is not harmful unless it is excessive or occurs in public.[5] Pornography consumption is unlikely to cause inceldom,[6] and even consumption of degenerate porn is unlikely to affect mental functioning as it is generally hard to perturb.

China appears to have a history of spreading propaganda about masturbation being harmful. In 2017, China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) blamed overconsumption of fizzy drinks, computer gaming and masturbation for the poor health of young people.[7]

NoFap[edit | edit source]

Nofappers are a subset of the manosphere entirely focused on fapstinence. These nofappers often congregate on various platforms titled NoFap. They believe that semen-retention will help with confidence levels, assertiveness, success with dating, and other behaviors associated with being high-T.

Defamation lawsuit[edit | edit source]

Nicole Prause, a neuroscientist who studies sexual science has done research into porn addiction and found no scientific basis for it. After having publicly questioned the scientific validity of beliefs held by nofappers, she started to receive death threats from them to which she responded in a snide and bashing manner on social media.[8] She also broadbrushed the community as political extremists of various kinds causing the owner of the most prominent NoFap forum, Alexander Rhodes, to sue Prause in 2019 on grounds of defamation, also claiming Prause had falsely stated NoFap would have engaged in stalking.[9]

No Nut November[edit | edit source]

Another subgroup of the fapstinence effort, is the group No Nut November. The main goal of this group is to avoid ejaculating for an entire month, typically the month of November. This month was largely randomly chosen, so there is no fixed commemoration. However, it has largely the same end goal as the other major fapstinence group, NoFap, although each adherent has slight differences in its manifestations.

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