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Joker, released in 2019, is a film portraying what individuals who have suffered a lot more than most throughout their lives are able to do when they decide to avenge themselves from society, which they identify as the main cause - active or passive - of their misery.

The protagonist of the movie, Arthur, was considered by fakestream media as illustrating the danger of the existence of incels and of frustrated people in general.[1][2][3][4][5]

Some normies were afraid to go see the movie, because some people on an incel forum jokingly shitposted that they would be shooting (with guns) the cinemas where the movie was screened.[6]

The movie is neither pro- nor anti-vengeance. It does not take side and simply tells a tragic story without judging. This may be why fakestream media disliked the movie so much, or said it did not have any message:[1] fakestream media absolutely want anything which is remotely close to a real alterity, or to a reality - metaphorical or not - they cannot accept, to be morally judged as deplorable. Unlike marginals, normies and Chads had numerous troubles bonding with the protagonist of the movie, likely due to an empathy gap.

Notable quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society who abandons him and treats him like trash?"
  • [Arthur, to a social worker]: "You don’t listen, do you? I don’t think you ever really listened to me. You just ask the same questions every week. 'How's your job? Are you having any negative thoughts?' All I have are negative thoughts."

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