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Although the word "virgin" is neutral (and silent) on the question of volition, the word virginity gives off harbingers of volition, intentionality and willful sexlessness; this is probably due to the Medieval mores and mannerisms which continue to linger within society today. It is possible that the idea virginity is voluntary is due to the Virgin Mary story. The Virgin Mary story has ingrained virtue and honourability to the notion of sexual abstinence. As such, it has become difficult for many people in the Western world to understand the concept of the sex deficit, which has become so profound, it is even affecting normie-tier men.

Nutshell: In a nutshell, comparing incels with virgins and assuming they are the same thing is equivalent to saying that a starving child in an Ethiopian famine is the same as a middle class guy who is on a diet. Technically they are going through the same thing (i.e. avoiding food), but other than that, they have little in common.

As a commodity[edit | edit source]

There are few rare cases where actual virginity was being auctioned off at siziable price. Regardless of circumstances though, females still retained their right to reject the bidding winner. See Virginity auction

Takemeout contestant gets SHUT DOWN upon revealing he is a virgin[edit | edit source]

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