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Name: Just James
Date of Birth: September 1987[1]
Occupation: ex-Warehouse Operative (Night shift), Mail sorter (Night Shift) Last known to be NEET
Ethnicity: Irish (Northern)

Just James is a 36 year old former gymcel virgin who occasionally vlogged about his inceldom. He actually looks good [1] apart from a slightly crooked nose and red hair and should try shirtless selfies on Tinder. He talks about body image issues, social anxiety, and having been physically and mentally abused as a kid.. He is an awesome person. His old channel description was as follows:

"31 Year old Forever Alone Virgin Striving to better himself by giving up porn, entertainment and doing 1 Year NoFap Challenge, documenting the changes and nose job surgery to looksmax. Attempting to build a life from the ashes of failure and rise like a phoenix reborn. A truth seeker following the Straight and Narrow path after being on the path to destruction for years. Refocusing his mind and resetting his dopamine levels after being a dopamine feind for years. Also pursuing weightlifting and may document my weightlifting progress here or on youtube.com/theresidentone ----- my old Let's Play channel (not currently gaming): youtube.com/onexploits MGTOW, Truecel, Incel, Gymcel not part of the Incel or any community, a lone wolf outsider."

He no longer identified himself as "incel" following a BBC documentary appearance. He also specified that he disagrees with the incel view on the world.

Vlogs[edit | edit source]

James began vlogging in late 2018 after being inspired by Virgin Messiah and Tahlia. A frequent topic for James during his early vlogging was his "Nofap" journey, a.k.a his effort to not masturbate. As well as the regrets of his past and recovering from total shutdown of his hormones due to steroid use.

James finally got an online girlfriend from Italy in February 2019.

A BBC documentary titled "Inside the secret world of incels" starring James as a former incel aired in July 2019. James expressed regret in appearing in the documentary. Believing he had words put in his mouth and that he was made to look sex obsessed.

James was dismissed from his warehouse operative job in May 2019 shortly after visiting his online girlfriend for the first time. He remained NEET until March 2020 when he got a job as a parcel sorter. As a parcel sorter, James often vlogged about his desire to build a life and future together with his girlfriend. With his girlfriend moving to London in late 2020, James expressed his desire for her to live with move in with him, however she refused.

During the height of the 2021 crypto bull run, James deposited his life savings into the crypto market in a desperate attempt to afford a house. Having seen a huge drop in his portfolio value, James vowed not to buy crypto again. The extent to which his portfolio recovered is unknown.

James was made redundant from his parcel sorting job in September 2021. After arguing incessantly with trolls during this time James took a break from YouTube until Christmas 2021. James was still NEET at this time and had recently moved in with his Father. In early 2022 James livestreamed a full playthrough of Elden Ring on his gaming channel but was pestered by Youtube and Discord trolls. After this playthrough was complete James suddenly stopped uploading to YouTube and replying to any comments or emails. His last known comment was as follows:

"Stupid chat bugged out, I am taking it off next time and anyone asking personal questions will be banned. I am playing a game and not responding to any personal questions nor answering any or sharing anything ever again of a personal nature so people can use it against me in any way. I don't care if no one watches I will finish this game, already ruined the play through with this stupid chat box and donation thing I don't need as no one donates anyway so why bother. I am here streaming to play a game who cares forget who I am. I am no one nothing, just like you and we will all return to nothing from where we came in the end stripped of our identity, ego and everything we know in death. Truly wish I had never shared anything and remained anonymous and just had this channel. Now I know what it feels like and why it's the stupidest idea to share anything about yourself and to especially be vunerable with strangers. They just are malicious and hateful and use anything and everything against you to cut you down, hold you down and keep you in negativity where they are. Dragging people down instead of lifting them up. I detest people like that. People like that are why we have to put up defences against others and be defensive and not open, be cold and apathetic and not show any weakness otherwise evil people exploit those weaknesses to their own gain. Ironically those exploiting the weaknesses are weaker than anyone but they don't expose themselves (but are sneaky and malicious) if they did they would be torn to pieces."

The removal of vlogs pertaining to his relationship during this time fuelled speculation that he had been dumped by his girlfriend. However this remains unconfirmed. His last video was uploaded on April 1st 2022.

Last sightings[edit | edit source]

Nearly all videos on the channel were suddenly privatised in February 2024. Only those of a non personal nature remain. His channel name was also changed to "A channel". A few days later all his livestreams were removed and comments on remaining videos were disabled. His shortlived podcast series on soundlcoud was also scrubbed. James' current status, and why he suddenly scrubbed his channel after so long is unknown.

March 2019 popularity spurt[edit | edit source]

In March of 2019, a video of James talking about being a wizard was spammed on 4chan, resulting in almost a million views on a video and 15k+ subs, meaning he is now the most popular self-identified incel (ex-incel) vlogger.

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