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Just James
By including people on this wiki we are not necessarily implying they are incel or are in any way associated with incels.
Name: Just James
Date of Birth: ?
Occupation: Warehouse Operative (Night shift)
Ethnicity: Irish?

Just James is a 31 year old gymcel virgin who occasionally vlogs about his inceldom. He actually looks good [1] apart from a slightly crooked nose and red hair and should try shirtless selfies on Tinder. He said he was never in a relationship, has image issues, social anxiety, feels uncomfortable in his own skin, was abused as a kid mentally and physically etc

March 2019 popularity spurt[edit]

In March of 2019, a video of James talking about being a wizard was spammed on 4chan, resulting in almost a million views on a video and 15k+ subs, meaning he is now the most popular self-identified incel vlogger.

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