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The pill jargon are all the terms with "pill" in them that are widely used in the incelosphere, manosphere and in other non-mainstream parts of the internet culture. Here are the meanings to those pill terms, listed are the most commonly used and accepted expressions, listed in an order indicating a spectrum of the ideologies they represent.

Color Pills[edit | edit source]

Primary Colors[edit | edit source]

Outside of the manosphere, the red, blue and black pills are used for other things than just dating. The blue pill generally refers to the denial of uncomfortable truths, the red pill refers to the revelation of an uncomfortable truth (as an analogy to the film The Matrix), and the black pill refers to uncomfortable truths that either nothing can be done about or it would require changes difficult to attain, e.g. large-scale cultural changes.

Within the manosphere, the three pills are more narrowly concerned with social and romantic life, and they represent different tribes or ideologies with differing views on issues like the importance of looks in dating. The three ideologies can be summarized as follows (adapted from the BlackPillScience subreddit[1]):

Pill theory Accepts uncomfortable truths? Locus of control Description
Bluepill No Internal A dominant banal viewpoint that leans towards feminism (opposite/antonym of redpill).
Redpill Yes Internal Redpillers can be described as persons who accept unpopular mainstream opinions. Such as gynocentrism and that some men are disadvantaged in the dating scene due to their genetics.
Blackpill Yes External A pessimistic, nihilistic or defeatist version of the Red Pill, where one accepts the fate nature has bestowed upon them, and resigns themselves to the fact that the world is naturally unfair and will always remain so. These people will generally accept, much like redpillers, that looks means everything, and other materialistic facets of the redpiller's truth, however will remain apathetic. Although this defeatism isn't illogical, to the contrary, a lot of these people realise the irrational situation of improving themselves would be. Blackpillers are usually very disgustingly ugly and realise all hope was lost before they were even born.

Other Colors[edit | edit source]

  • Purplepill: non-ideological and neutral viewpoint towards gender relations and the dating scene (on the fence between bluepill and redpill)
  • Pink pill: female equivalent of the blackpill
  • Whitepill: stoic and ascetic conclusion of the blackpill

Both the redpill and blackpill acknowledge the importance of LMS for dating, but the redpill claims that one can leverage this knowledge for one's social and romantic success (internal locus of control), whereas the blackpill assumes that for some men there is no help without changing the conditions of mating altogether (external locus of control).

Non-Color Pills[edit | edit source]

These are all generally considered blackpill subsets, the terms used indicate the nature of a subject associated with a revelation as to truth of the blackpill, deepening their understanding of it:

  • dickpill: the realization of how much that matters
  • dogpill: the realization that dogs are more highly valued
  • dollpill: the realization that dolls are more highly valued
  • incestpill: the realization by sistercels that Westermarck effect isn't enough to stop sisters from wanting to fuck gigachad brothers
  • TBA

Purpose[edit | edit source]

Lots of people are confused by pill jargon and ask themselves why men would use such terms. For example, the average normie may ask themselves why a frequenter of the manosphere would use "whitepill" instead of "stoic" and "ascetic". The logic behind the usage of the various pill jargons is that it enables both its users and lurkers to visualize the roots of our behaviour and thought processes. The various pills all incline towards a specific thought process. One of the greatest achievements of the 1999 film The Matrix is that it depicted all stages of the human cognitive process, from its grassroots origins, to the subsequent moral compass, and finally one's ultimate convictions. Prior to the Matrix, the English language never had a catchy term which could encompass some of the primary postulations within society. As such, "redpilled" and "bluepilled" gained traction, and after that all the other terms in our pill jargon.

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