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Chadfishing is a portmanteau of Chad and catfishing.

To chadfish someone basically means for a person who is not an attractive male to use one's picture to seduce someone, generally a woman who wouldn't give a non-Chad the time of day.

This verb can also be used in noun form, "a chadfish" is like "a catfish".

Examples[edit | edit source]

30 November 2019

  • Gyros Pretcel Someone should chadfish her.
  • Marauder I don't know what the guy said to her but had it been a Chad, the story would be totally different, and this has been proved by fellow brocels who Chadfish these sluts and keep sending them "creepy" messages.

5 December 2019

  • Reddit_is_for_cucks "Roastie rejectes 15 guys at a bar just so she can go home and send nudes to chadfish"