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Human growth hormone (HGH) is a protein naturally produced by human body. HGH is also produced artifically as a medication to cure dwarfism, but it's also abused by bodybuilders and heightmaxxers. During childhood and puberty this hormone encourages the lengthening of long bones. The effects of HGH on human body include:

  • Long bones lengthening (legs, clavicles and arms) if the growth plates are not close
  • Incentive of cartillage tissue growth in joints
  • Growth of flat bones (Skull, ribs, pelvis) even in adults
  • Anabolic effect on muscle, i.e. better protein biosynthesis, more muscle-building capacities.
  • Insulin level rise
  • Hyperthrophy of tendons
  • Anti-catabolic effect, this is why HGH is produced by human body in a condition of stress
  • incentive to increase body temperature
  • Fat burning

HGH as performance enhancing drug[edit | edit source]

HGH is widely abused by bodybuilders and looksmaxxers to increase muscle mass and burn fat. It is also used as doping substances in other sports. The usage of HGH encorages human body to use proteins to build muscle tissue, this effect is due to the azotemia reduction induced by HGH.

HGH side effects[edit | edit source]

HGH abuse leads to several side effects on health and Looks. Health side effects include:

  • Diabetes and pancreas diseases: HGH stimulates the production of insuline
  • Retention of calcium, phosphorus, sodium and water
  • Pain caused by the growth of nerves
  • Lowering of natural HGH production
  • Hypertension

Looks side effect include:

  • Growth of the bowels, HGH does not only increase muscle growth, but also the growth of internal organs. This leads to bloated belly (so-called Palumboism) and separed abs (diastasis recti)
  • edemas
  • Growth of flat bones: skull, mandible width, nose base, hands, feet. Also ears grow with HGH abuse. If one uses HGH for a long period he will even experience acromegaly.

In this video the well-known bodybuilder Rich Piana explains how 10 years of HGH affected his skeleton.

HGH in Heightmaxxing[edit | edit source]

Human Growth Hormone may be used by teens to increase their height. An example of HGH cycle may consist of 2 doses of 7 IU HGH a day and a pill of aromatase inhibitor. However, due to the extremely high cost of HGH, a young boy is very unlikely to afford a hegihtmaxxing protocol.
A cheaper heightmaxxing protocol may consist in taking peptides that encourage the body to produce more HGH.

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