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Jelqing is a penile enlargement practise utilized by dickcel to increase their confidence and escape incelibacy. In the incelosphere, this is known as dickmaxxing. There are many forms of dickmaxxing techniques including using a pump, pills, penile extenders (using weights), surgery and creams.

There are also natural ways of increasing girth and length such as jelqing, which involves pulling and stretching usually while semi-erect by pointing all the blood towards the glans. There are also other natural dickmaxxing methods such as trimming one's pubic hair, losing weight, and getting extremely fit, which may increase the strength of one's erection and thereby its size. Another purported natural method of increasing one's penile size is doing kegeling. This is done by intermittently clenching one's perineum and pelvic muscles.

One of the most unknown (and outlandish) methods of increasing one's size is going gay. Some studies have shown that gay men tend to have a penis that is one third of an inch larger than hetero penises.[1] The most probable reason for this discrepancy is that gay anal sex tends to engorge the glans of the penis for the bottom partner. This in turn may increase skin tissue surrounding the penis, hence why homosexual men have bigger penises than their straight counterparts.

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