Francisco Lachowski

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In the beginnings of the incelopshere, bluepilled, blackpilled or redpilled, whether truecel, nearcel or incel, all agreed upon the notion that Francisco Lachowski qualifies as a 10th deciler. As such, some cybercels (incelospherians) refered to him as a "gigachad" (i.e. someone who effortlessly gets laid).

However as of 2019 Lachoski qualifies as an 8-9/10 deciler, and is only considered Pretty Boy or Chad, since the man has qualities of both. 10th decilers are excessively tall, muscular, and have the most hyper masculine faces, and robust, warrior type skulls in comparison to 8th decilers.. Gigachads are the most physically attractive men to have ever walked the Earth, thus Gigachads pictures float around on the internet years after their prime, and death.

Patrick Tillman, (Prime) Fabio, (Prime) Dolph Lundgren and (Prime) Tony Robbins are 10th decile Gigachads.

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