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Tiktok is a social media app that explicitly prevents ‘ugly, poor or disabled users’ from being recommended to others.[1][2] Almost everything on its For You page (no matter what you watch) is a 10/10 e-boy or e-girl usually just dancing or lip syncing to a song/joke someone else made, so much so that even normies feel ‘extremely self-conscious and ugly’ after browsing it.[3][4][5] The fact that a social media app became so popular overnight just because it revolves around attractive people is a huge blackpill, and terrible news for incels because, by creating a whole generation that worships attractive people, Tiktok has probably destroyed any progress that the body positivity and anti-lookism movements might have made. Visiting Tiktok is highly likely to trigger suicidal ideation, especially in anyone who browses this wiki, and is therefore strongly advised against.

Blackpill on tiktok[edit | edit source]

Looksmaxxing Trend[edit | edit source]

In March 2023 jokes about Bonesmashing were popularized. Started by Curlyheadjames it was originally just a small trend that delved into something much bigger. As time progressed terms referring to the Canthal tilt, mewing and PSL started getting popularized. This in turn caused the overall Looksmaxxing subculture to blow up and explode on tiktok during the summer. Videos showcasing model shoots & clips of Jordan Barrett, Francisco Lachowski, Sean O Pry started to surface. Looksmaxxing started to become far bigger than a meme and resulted in being a household name amongst the likes of Zoomers. A filter was added in the summer of 2023 known as the canthal tilt filter. This spiked the popularity of Looksmaxxing with thousands of Zoomers commenting terms such as “Ropemaxx”, “It’s over”, “Prey eyes”, “Negative Canthal tilt”, “T50”, etc for anyone who didn’t meet certain beauty standards.

The subculture of the Blackpill and Looksmaxxing went mainstream for the first time and started getting heavy traction & interest amongst the youth. Many notable PSL users started being commonly mentioned and posted on tiktok such as Salludon, NordsMog, Crisick, MakinMogReturns, Orb, Loox, etc. The theories circulating PSL & facial aesthetics started to turn marketable and many large accounts now are dedicated to evaluating facial aesthetics. Foids have even joined in on the trend primarily focusing on supermodels & actors such as Adriana Lima, Brooke Shields, Taylor Hill, Ana Paula, etc. Throughout the year of 2023 Zoomers on tiktok started to even post and share clips of lesser known PSL gigachads such as Hernan Drago, Cameron Alborzian, Matt Bomer, Richard Ramirez, Alessandro Dellisola, Alain Delon, Jorge Del Rio, etc. Mog battles featuring these people is a very common thing on the app.

Many terms have been used to refer to those who got blackpilled due to tiktok such as Newgen, Tiktokcel, etc. As of January 2024 this trend has not died out and Looksmaxxing is now known & practiced by normies. Many content creators have used Looksmaxxing as a way to market and make money examples include the Mogwarts academy started by a tiktoker named SyrianPsycho. Other notable tiktokers that have popularized Looksmaxxing include NosexGod, Adix, Erand, etc.

Dillon Latham incident[edit | edit source]

On August 9th, 2023 a popular creator known as Dillon Latham name dropped Looksmax.org. Soon as he name dropped the users of the forum started freaking out and many PSL discords started to panic as well. He was subsequently doxxed by the user NordsMog and following the doxxing he published many videos acting & exaggerating the side effects & consequences of the doxx. This lead to a massive influx of users lurking and signing up on the forum causing Master to close applications for a week. The forum had over 40K+ lurkers at its peak due to this incident and this is the day that the blackpill had truly started seeing mainstream relevance. The incident received mainstream traction sparking interest from even news outlets.

Popularization of Incel subculture[edit | edit source]

Due to the popularity of Blackpill on tiktok many videos on tiktok have featured clips of Hamudi & pictures of Blackops2cel on the app. Many normies tend to larp as Incels.is users and quote many exclusive forum terms .

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