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Tiktok is a social media app that explicitly prevents ‘ugly, poor or disabled users’ from being recommended to others.[1][2] Almost everything on its For You page (no matter what you watch) is a 10/10 e-boy or e-girl usually just dancing or lip syncing to a song/joke someone else made, so much so that even normies feel ‘extremely self-conscious and ugly’ after browsing it.[3][4][5] The fact that a social media app became so popular overnight just because it revolves around attractive people is a huge blackpill, and terrible news for incels because, by creating a whole generation that worships attractive people, Tiktok has probably destroyed any progress that the body positivity and anti-lookism movements might have made. Visiting Tiktok is highly likely to trigger suicidal ideation, especially in anyone who browses this wiki, and is therefore strongly advised against.