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An example of a class reductionist lefty meme describing feminism and the alt-right as "unhelpful spooks"

Idpol is an abbreviation for identity politics used primarily (but not exclusively) in leftist, manospherian sites. It is used in those places to refer to non-materialist politics (such as the defense of the interests of incels, feminism, etc.) in a negative way.

Spook[edit | edit source]


A spook is a slighty overlapping term also used in the lefty manosphere to describe ideas/movements/behaviours born seemingly solely from zealotry/ideology. Such alleged distractions are usually identity politics related, or "IDpol". Feminism is often described as a "spook" in lefty manospherian sites. However, alleged spooks are not always related to IDpol.

The use of the term comes from the book The Ego and Its Own by 19-century philosopher Max Stirner. Often, a "spook" can refer to morality or collectivism, as Stirner was seen by some as a lefty individualist or nihilist.

Zizek and Stirner[edit | edit source]

The term "spook" is used to reference Slavoj Zizek's criticisms of political (including gender) ideology itself.

Feminism as "spook"[edit | edit source]

Often on boards such as leftypol, feminism or other grand-narratives are referred to as spooks, in a post-modern way. As such, lefty manospherian boards, while critical of feminism, see it largely as a distraction or a non-event.

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