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Sexlessness is a broad category that includes incels, volcels, virgins and dry spellers and it is the opposite of the category of sex havers.

As much as half of adult virgins in their late 20s are asexuals (a subcategory of volcels).[1]

Nearly all young adults in a relationship are sex havers, while only around 70% of young adult singles have sex.[2][3]

Among those experiencing dry spells and singledom, inceldom is likely much more common because asexuals (and adult virgins) are very rare, whereas those who experience dry spells are common (see causes of inceldom and demographics of inceldom). Menelaos Apostolou estimated that given about 30% of the adult population in the U.S. is single then, about 15% of the adult population is expected to be involuntary so.[4]

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