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Despite popular misconception stemming from media misinformation, Alana was not the first to use the term involuntary celibacy as the usage of the term reaches back at least to the 18th century. Alana was simply the first to abbreviate it to invcel, and someone else extrapolated "incel" from that, dropping the V.

Alana[1] is a neoliberal feminist who was the first person to abbreviate 'involuntary celibacy', a term whose usage reaches back at least to the 18th century, and redefined by Henry Flynt, to "INVCEL". She was also the catalyst for academic recognition of inceldom.

Info[edit | edit source]

A regular on her website[citation needed] later further abbreviated the term 'involuntary celibacy' to 'incel' in 1997 when she created the first research project on inceldom called, "Alana's Involuntary Celibacy Project". The project's homepage eventually had a link to a mailing list which served as the first incelospherian forum. The media attributed her handing off the forum community to dating success, even though she started dating before she even created the mailing list and probably left due to negativity arising on the mailing list. She considers the word 'wallflower' (as in "I was a wallflower in a party") as sexist and you need to self-crit for using it. She now considers it probable harassment to talk anyone but your therapist about your inceldom.

Her Opinion of Modern Forums[edit | edit source]

Alana hates the state of current incel forums and likes to avoid talking about them or it's members, seemingly viewing them as a conspiratorial, evil, non-human force of her accidental 'creation.' She stated that she doesn't visit the boards but also that she knows that the people on them are good looking... somehow. Alana has also stated many times that she also does not like the 'anti-incel' boards like inceltears[2] because she thinks they help fuel the negativity of the modern incel forums. She also doesn't like them for their bullying nature, reminding her of the virgin and single shaming that made her want to start her 1997 project in the first place.

Her Disowning of the Word[edit | edit source]

She implied on a podcast that since 1997 feminists have told her that the word she has come up with is problematic and inherently sexist because it puts disproportionate weight on women and puts women in an oppressive position[3]. Alana has been looking for alternative words that now instead put most of the blame on the individual, for example that they don't go outside to meet people enough, even if the reason they are staying inside is because no one wants them. So what used to be something she compared to the Gay Rights movement in the late 90s should now be a self-help sort of thing in her mind.

New Forum[edit | edit source]

She felt a bit of guilt and responsibility after the couple mass shootings in which the perpetrator had at some point mentioned the word 'incel' in internet postings. Because of this, and perhaps a lack of anything to do, she created a new site dedicated to researching the causes of inceldom called LoveNotAnger, a project she hopes will become its own forum (-cough- -mere singles group- -cough-), executing the typical femoid response to conflict, i.e. making sure everyone is nice to one another. She has stated this is now a full time job for her despite barely anything being posted on the forum, possibly because of a book she is writing, probably for financial gain. Alana is now staunchly feminist, banning not only people who break the rules of her site but also anyone who doesn't believe in feminism, and hiring a moderator to approve only posts that follow certain guidelines (like feminism probably).

Misogysteria[edit | edit source]

In multiple interviews, Alana refers to one or two men who approached her about their virginity and dating difficulty while she was a blue beaner and that being an inspiration for the creation of her forum. She repeatedly now refers to this as, "harassing behavior". To get around the mental roadblock of being against toxic masculinity... and at the same time viewing men talking openly about their deepest feelings as harassment, she now advocates for men to discuss their sexual problems, just not to anyone except a therapist (lol, so helpful /sarcasm).

HexaSexual[edit | edit source]

She has also coined the term, "HEXASEXUAL" which she describes as as:

new sexes (their bodies, genitalia and reproduction), and the characters and styles of six new genders. This disruption to the male-female binary is expressed in hexagonal photography [...] Since the Uterine Apocalypse, sex change surgical procedures have not yet been developed. For some trans-hexasexuals this is very frustrating, but others are satisfied with the gender fluidity accepted in hexasexual society.


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Her current twitter (not doxxing, it's public and she says she self-identifies as the 'incel' creator on it):

Her new site's Twitter:

Her current forum::

New website from 2020:

2013 survey for Queer Ontario:

"Hexasexual Institute" fake school, sole member

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