Genetic Prison Theory

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The genetic prison theory states that social institutions which heavily select for and benefit individuals with desirable genetic traits such as height and attractiveness serve to create a figurative prison, not for individuals per se, but for the genes of people who do not meet the standards of said institutions, because such individuals will be restricted from breaking into the hierarchy of those institutions or "breaking out" of their genetic prison, and will ultimately die without reproducing. Since having favorable genetic traits is a requirement for reproductive success, exclusion of undesirables will inevitably manifest as a type of naturally occurring eugenics. After being selected for, individuals displaying undesired traits will form their own institutions, an example of such an institution is the incel community, these communities are effectively genetic prisons, populated only by undesirables. This theory is a natural extrapolation of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

Example[edit | edit source]

  • After being denied entry to Chad's party due to not being popular enough, Eugene decides to spend the night alone in his room playing world of warcraft

List of Genetic Prisons[edit | edit source]