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Mainländer is a 30 years old German-born Brazilian who is very active on incel forums, mainly on


He is also a singer-guitarist-songwriter who has created several incel-related songs, which he uploaded to his YouTube channel. He also vlogs but never shows his face. [1]

Personal LifeEdit

He is known for his obsession with JBs, which led him to be one of most recurrently featured incels on inceltears.

He claims to have approached over 500 women unsuccessfully. He is a strong proponent of the "face > all" theory and constantly expresses his envy of Knajjd's face, to the point that he even wrote a song about it.

Recordings and music videosEdit

Song Link Thread
tbhngl [1] Rate my new song
Incel Friends [2] Incel Music - Incel Friends (tribute to all the great users permabanned from
The Sorrows of Knowing You'll Never be Able to Experience Teenage Love [3] Incel Music - The Sorrows of Knowing You'll Never be Able to Experience Teenage Love in A-Flat Minor
Knajjd's Face [4] Incel Music - Knajjd's Face (Tribute to mod)
Chad Still Fucks Your Wife [5] Incel Music - Chad Still Fucks Your Wife
Orbiting Cuck [6]
Marry Your Looksmatch Young For The Kids [7]


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