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Nearceldom refers to the state of having a low SMV, low enough to be a nearcel but not low enough to qualify as a truecel or incel. On a decile scale, nearcels qualify as 3rd decilers. Nearcels might sometimes be referred to as incelish, in the sense they are somewhat incel, but not completely.

Although the incels of the incelosphere may intermittently express camaraderie with nearels, truecels are usually a bit more skeptical. Some attributes that are common among nearcels is that they perpetually face lengthy dry spells and that they have very low sex appeal. However, nearcels over the age of 30 are almost never virgins. A teenage nearcel is typically still a virgin but has one-upped incels by having had at least a date or two, or might have reached first, second a few times, or reached third base a couple of times.

Among the primary difference between nearcels and others on the inceldom spectrum is that nearcels are usually more confident about the possibility of ascending. Although some mancels in the incelosphere feel that femcels' claim to inceldom is a juxtaposition, some cybercels accept that bottom deciler or bottom percentiler women can be nearcel.