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A noncel blackpiller is someone who isn't on the inceldom spectrum, and possibly does not even identify with the blackpill, but nonetheless believes in some or all of the principles of the blackpill, or believes that at least some blackpill facts are serious or potentially even fatal. They may be affected by it by knowing or having met incels, or by having made bad relationship or social experiences that can be related to similar social ills as the blackpill considers.

Victims of hypergamy[edit | edit source]

For example, even Chadlite may be affected adversely by hypergamy, since there is always a higher-status man whom their foid may wish to cheat on them with. Also, since teenage girls often begin having sex before they reach legal adulthood, and are only sexually available to other teenagers, many older Chads are unable to pursue a just be first strategy that would allow for them to have the benefits of pair bonding with a virginal bride. This puts them too at risk of having to deal with infidelity, divorce, and other problems more commonly thought of as problems for betabuxxes.

Public intellectuals[edit | edit source]

There are various noncel public intellectuals incelologists with blackpill affinity. For example, the Norwegian sexologist and feminist Kristin Spitznogle largely agrees with the lookism aspect of the blackpill that women's financial independence leads them to ruthlessly choose based on looks. The Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson agrees with the systemic issue of hypergamy and lack of enforced monogamy causing inceldom. The sociologist Catherine Hakim agrees the sexual revolution has caused imbalances in the sexual market that primarily affects men and that males have a higher libido. Feminist Camille Paglia agrees that today's women are spoiled, lust for male dominance and are themselves profoundly unhappy with the situation. More incelologists, some of whom are blackpilled, are listed in the incelology list.

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