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Classification between robots, cyborgs, normies, and failed normies
an image of pepe 'Ree'ing often found on r9k

Robot is the term users of 4chan's r9k board created and self-identify with. It is a near-synonym of hikikomori, the only difference being an emphasis on autistic behaviour and chan culture, although often it's mockery of robots by non-robots who are astroturfing.

Origin of term[edit | edit source]

The word, 'robot', was born from the bot that runs on r9k called robot9000 that rejects unoriginal content, and the adoption of the word is also connected to the robotic state many autists feel they live as due to an inability to emotionally connect with others.

R9K culture[edit | edit source]

Robot's engage in a kind of performance art where they exaggerate and mock their own circumstance through a subculture. One example is posting "REEEEEE" as an expression of anger, a form of self-insult making fun of obnoxious screaming those with severe autism often do.

Many people on other chan boards jokingly refer to the sometimes toxic atmosphere on r9k (probably as a result of astroturfing rumored to occur on r9k to make resident autists angry) as "weaponized autism".

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