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TANZVERBOT (eng.: "Forbidden to Dance") is a German content creator, a former lolcow, a fakecel and a simp. [1]

Name: Kilian Roberto Heinrich
Date of Birth: 8 February 1997
Occupation: Content Creator
Ethnicity: White (of German origin)

Career[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

He was born in Pankow, Berlin. He dropped out of school (special education) at the beginning of the 8th grade, meaning he does not have a school leaving certificate. In school, he had been a victim of bullying despite switching schools several times. After dropping out, he intensively played Crossfire and basically played the game the whole day long until obtaining internet fame.

Because a court suspected him of being addicted to video games and the internet, he was institutionalized for a few weeks as a teen.

YouTube[edit | edit source]

Since his initial gaming videos didn't get too much traction, he decided to make aggressive videos directly confronting communities or other content creators: After his first viral ranting video about MCPE-Players (Smartphone version of Minecraft), he realized people like seeing him ranting about things or people. Consequently, he dedicated his content to "outcall" people for years, resulting in him having trouble with big figures in YouTube Germany. [2]

Furthermore, he talked a lot about his morbid masturbation behavior (≥ 5 times per day), going as far as saying that masturbation saved his life.[3] He even tried no-fap for 5 days but stopped after 3 days since he suspected of endangering himself by not masturbating enough.[4]

After years went by, he got more calm with his statements and apologized for his obnoxious behavior in the past. He also started doing low-quality Food reviews, videos about what he eats per day, callouts for searching a girlfriend.[5][6]

Nowadays, he is one of the biggest German Content Creators and is seen relatively positve.

In 2023, he revealed suffering under compulsive shopping and being financially pressured by major tax debts.[7]

Legal problems[edit | edit source]

After TANZVERBOT posted a ironic picture of him holding a fake pistol on Twitter saying "those who beef the next time will get some bullets", his local police got tagged under the tweet so that they stormed the house of his mother and his apartment. [8]

Porn reactions[edit | edit source]

He created an PornHub-Account to react to porn. After having uploaded a few reactions, he got legal problems since "he would expose his community mostly consisting of kids and teens to pornography".[9]

Racism accusation[edit | edit source]

On madeira (island where a lot of German content creators live), he had a dispute in a night club with Abdel, an arab born in Germany and YouTuber. After Abdel wrongly accused TANZVERBOT of racism, he was about to get cancelled. But after evidence released showed Abdel is lying, he got saved from getting cancelled.[10]

Doxxing[edit | edit source]

Due to TANZVERBOT having a lot of people who hate him, all through out his internet career, he had issues with doxxing which goes from people delivering pizza to his house to regular occurances of police and firefighters coming to his apartment. He is already widely known to the police in Berlin. [11][12]

Because of an internet beef with Orangemorange, his new address got leaked in a livestream with thousands of viewers, too.[13][14]

Girlfriend history[edit | edit source]

According to TANZVERBOT's statements, he had two girlfriends in total.

First girlfriend and fakecel controversy[edit | edit source]

In his videos and lifestreams from 2016 to the end of 2018, he tried to be seen as a virgin who isn't able to get a girlfriend, as seen in numerous videos of him talking about how he can't get laid. He also publicly sexualized a lot of female German YouTubers, indicating he could'nt have a girlfriend. [15][16]

But in reality, he already had his first girlfriend with 18 while also losing his virginity to her at that time. He admited it in his now-deleted video "I had a girlfriend for 2 years", but after he experienced huge backlash, he made a statement trying to talk himself out of the situation.[17] His first girlfriend never got revealed, and according to his depictions, she was a mid-tier becky. After this epiphany, people questioned the personna behind TANZVERBOT and how real he displays himself in his videos.

2nd Girlfriend "QuiteLola"[edit | edit source]

At the Twitchcon 2022 in Amsterdam, QuiteLola and TANZVERBOT randomly encountered on a street while both live streaming after she approached him asking him if he's the real one.[18] She was a relatively small streamer at that time gaining a massive increase of popularity through him.

After they've met each other, they spent a lot of time together (privately and publicly), eventually getting into a relationship.[19] Although their relationship only lasted for a couple of months, disputes were heavily present which was already seeable in live streams where both parties often more or less reveal issues. Furthermore, a mod of QuiteLola quit his "moderation job" due to him hating TANZVERBOT. According to TANZVERBOT, QuiteLola was also generally unaware of her viewerbase consisting of simps believing to have a chance for her.

At the end of their relationship, jealousy on the part of TANZVERBOT was revealed after QuiteLola streamed with male streaming colleagues who were seen as potential threats by him. Even though he openly told QuiteLola so, she didn't care and proceed to stream with them.

Up to this day, it is uncertain who really initially broke up the relationship, whether or not QuiteLola cheated and if she just tried to use him to get cloud.[20] The majority of his communitiy agrees on QuiteLola probably having used him for getting attention on social media, which she did get since she now still has plenty of viewers. [21]

After their relationship ended, a depressed state (which was already present when problems in the relationship started) led him to being inactive on all social platforms for months afterwards. In his streams, he still alongside mentions still feeling down but he certainly feels better afterwards.

Simp allegations[edit | edit source]

When TANZVERBOT interacts with women, he often puts them on pedestal. He himself admited to know that his behavior may resemble a simp.

References[edit | edit source]