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Dreephilia is a sentiment that revels in the notion of suffering in silence. It is a blend of the terms "dree" and "philia". Dreephilia may in particular promote suffering in silence in the face of lacking a Maslow need. Some people maintain their silence in the face of suffering due to taboos placed on speaking about certain topics. In this instance, society indirectly maintains dree culture by enforcing the taboo. At other times, this dree culture of silence is directly enforced by society by its censorship or proactive apathy. There is a long precedence in various societies where social statification is not taken seriously unless you have thousands of people marching on the streets expressing discontent. We saw this in march 1917 at the abdication of Emperor Nicholas II, the tsarist autocrat, and from 1954 to 1968 in the civil rights movement in the USA.

Dree culture is relevant to inceldom since many incelibates languish in it and experience it first-hand. Femcels are viewed as whiny, mentally ill, or they are dismissed as engaging in a parody of their malecel counterparts. Mancels are told to remain steadfast to the dree culture because deviating from it means you have violated the masculine code of silence under adversity. This manifests itself by other men telling you to adhere to "manning up". The romanceless of both genders are told to stay silent because they're supposed to have their sh*t together.

All in all, it should be the sociologists or the anthropologists job to pinpoint the causes of the various attributes of inceldom such as ethniceldom and mentalceldom. Instead, we have privileged Chads and Stacies, who haven't the faintest clue of what inceldom is, vicariously chadsplaining to the incel demographic with various platitudes.

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