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A femcelish person or a femcel-lite is a female who is roughly a 3/10 on the Decile Chart. She is more dateable than the typical femcel (a 2 out of 10), but is less dateable than a low-tier normie (a 4 out of 10). The word femcelish is a portmanteau of female involuntary celibate, plus the suffix -ish. In a nutshell, these women are high-tier versions of the average femcel, i.e. high-tier femcels.

Description[edit | edit source]

There is no one-size-fits-all archetype when it comes to those experiencing inceldom, whether male or femcel. As such, the traits that turns a woman femcelish varies widely. For example a woman may overall look okay, but then may have a medical disorder. If this medical disorder is psychological, then it may make social situations extremely awkward and off-putting for men. Similarly, if this medical disorder is physical, then this may turn her from a five or a four (a normie) into a three (a femcelish woman).

For example a woman who has a tic, even if this tic is only barely noticeable may make men fear that they're in a relationship with someone with cerebral palsy, and as such may put them off. The again, a tic may have the opposite effect it would have on a man, as male instincts such as juggernauting may kick in, or any kind of weakness she has is just going to awaken the male predatory instinct to go after her, as well as the male provisioning and protective instinct to take care of her will kick off.

Although its possible for a femcelish woman to ascend if her SMV are not entirely down to her genes; for others, looksmaxxing is simply too much effort when taking into consideration the cost-benefit analysis, and as such they have probably reached their sexpiration stage.

Memes in the incelosphere[edit | edit source]

Despite the lies women tell themselves that they better their appearance for themselves, in reality they wish to engage in hypergamy. But due to their unsightliness, femcelish women are nonetheless regarded by all sorts of undignified terms such as "fugly", "boner-shrinker", "uggo", "detumescent", "detumifying" and "bonerkiller".[1] Due to the Juggernaut law, many males in the incelosphere reject the notion that ugly women (including femcel-lites) have difficulties obtaining dates.

Emcel meme[edit | edit source]

Other nicknames include meme emcel and the meme "Ugly Becky". The reason why the emcel and high-tier femcel are linked to one another is because their archetype may have an overlap.

Other nicknames[edit | edit source]

Since femcel-lites and nearcel males occupy the same rank (a 3) in the pecking order of attractiveness, it should come as no surprise they also share the same unflattering nicknames. See the Nearcel#Nicknames section for examples.

Femcelization[edit | edit source]

Some of the ways in which femcelization (entering femceldom) occurs is by the promotion of lifestyle choices which are not suitable for the female gender. Social conditions could also influence an otherwise normie woman, even a beautiful woman to adopt traits characteristic of femceldom. For example, being raised in a household which is excessively prudish sometimes takes the form of a girl being encouraged to adopt a lesbian exterior around boys because "boys are very dangerous". The source of such an attitude ranges from parental fostering or sex-negative feminism.

These parents believe that such a approach will prevent their daughters from getting pregnant, or make them safe face by ensuring she does not lose her virginity. In actuality, what they are actually doing is they are incelizing their daughters by lesbianizing them. These parents plan that by the end of university degree in her early 20s, she does a full 180°, and suddenly they heterosexualize her, asking her if she has met any suitable guys yet. Nonetheless, what these parents do not realize is that they promoted the lesbianization tactic during her most impressionable and formative years, and this is not something that can simply be turned off by sudden insinuation.

The Kinsey scale measures the extent to which a person feels homosexual inclinations. If lesbianism is promoted at the expense of a woman's heterosexuality, than in essence, if a woman had zero lesbian inclinations to begin with than she is left with a dead perspective on sex, and thus one ends up with the bizarrely extant phenomenon of normie looking heterosexual women who wear the femcelish mantle.

Although stoicism is a lifestyle choice which is technically genderless, in practise it is more applicable to men. Nonetheless, instead of permitting each gender to undergo their own gender roles, the obsession with gender equality has resulted in an obfuscation of which traits and norms ought to be assigned to each gender - including that associated with stoicism.

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References[edit | edit source]

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