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Disney is “an American multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate” (i.e. an animation studio that got too powerful). Their most famous movies, the fairy-tale-based ones, generally go along the lines of “a damsel in distress is imprisoned in a tower and gets rescued by a handsome Chad.” Like most media, they tend to make the good people attractive and the villains ugly, and most of their movies end with the protagonist getting a hot guy/girl.[1] Disney in particular also has a weird fixation with royalty, often espousing the idea that princesses are more magical than the rest of us and that it is a travesty for one to be mistreated (although that does partly result from them using centuries-old folk stories as inspiration). Concerningly, these movies are children’s classics and have probably given many children the impression that attractive people are good and ugly people are bad.

However, they did make one movie that didn’t have the tropes of the protagonist being attractive or royal or getting a hot girl at the end: The Hunchback of Notre Dame.