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A tomboy is a female who has certain traditionally masculine mannerisms and hobbies, most notably sports.

motive for liking tomboys[edit | edit source]

Men who are attracted to tomboys may be this way due to wanting a mate they can relate to on a certain level in order to more easily bond with them

On Tomboys being biological masculinization[edit | edit source]

  • Digit ratio, and relation to Butch lesbianism TBD
  • Testosterone in blood TBD
  • Aggression and testosterone TBD
  • Facial masculinization TBD
  • Sportiveness TBD

On Tomboy/Musclegirl lovers being "Gay"[edit | edit source]

Thuletide (a Tradcon) has noted that athletic females often rely on steroids to gain their physique, and are often underweight for reproduction (BMI < 20).

In the book A Billion Wicked Thoughts, it has been suggested that those who prefer trannies are more likely to be heterosexual men (thus "traps are not gay"), whilst those that prefer tomboys and "transmales" are more likely to be homosexual men.